From Tiger to Zeus!

My father gifted me a German Shepherd pup when I was 15 years old. I named him Tiger. He was my best bud and the best thing in my life and I was very connected to him emotionally. But after my parent’s separation, I had to leave Tiger with my dad and move to another city (it is one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to do!) I had a really tough time getting over this and swore not to get another dog until I was independent, so that no one can take him away from me ever.   Hearts 2

german-shepherdAfter my marriage to Vishal, we were busy getting settled in our new life. Also because of Vishal’s work, we had to travel a lot. So finally, after 3 years and 6 months of our marriage, everything’s into place and we are planning to get a pup. My first choice was obviously German Shepherd but Vishal, being a cat-lover who never had a dog before, thought to get a small breed pup first. So we decided to get a beagle. I was happy with beagle too, but Vishal knows me too well to get trust my fake smile. After going through Tiger’s pics on my study room’s walls he told me that we can get a German Shepherd if I want. And so, finally we are getting a German Shepherd pup 🙂

I’m seriously obsessed with Greek mythology and in love with the name ‘Zeus’. I finalised this name last year itself for my future GSD, so now atleast I’m ready with the name. We’ve been playing around with the idea of getting Zeus since last year. Vishal even booked a good German Shepherd pup form a friend’s kennel, but just before delivery he thought of meeting the chairman of our society. Thankfully, Vishal met him before the delivery because the chairman told him that dogs aren’t allowed in the society. We were so busy with preparations that we forgot to confirm before. It was the worst day, as I cried for the entire day and ruined our anniversary. Since then, I just dropped the idea of getting a pet as we really love the place. But now we are ready to move to another much bigger place and get Zeus. Presently I’m watching all the episodes of Dog Whisperer. In last 2 months I’ve learned how to train a German Shepherd pretty well and also how to teach him tricks. I have a separate diary having all the details about GSD’s medication, vaccination, grooming, hygiene and food. Right now I’m on cloud 9 and know that Universe will give me a cute and healthy GSD, my Zeus. I’m feeling great in sharing stuff about Tiger and Zeus with all of you. Will let you guys know more about Zeus whenever we’ll get him home. Probably I’ll upload his videos on my YouTube channel.

Have a great day!


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  1. There’s nothing quite like the unwavering loyalty and love of a dog. Best of luck with Zeus, and make sure to post photos of Zeus!!!

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