What Do Stories Mean to You – HEENA RATHORE P. (The Reading Bud)

My Guest-Post on Chesapeake Films about How Stories Changed My Life.

8 responses to “What Do Stories Mean to You – HEENA RATHORE P. (The Reading Bud)”

  1. Beautiful post you wrote Heena. I am truly touched. Books and movies could be wonderful inspirations indeed..and having a wonderful hubby is a great addition to your writing process and life 🙂
    BTW, I love Hachiko movie too but I don’t dare watch it again 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot Indah! 🙂
      Yea, I thanks Universe for the way my life has taken a positive turn 🙂
      To be honest, even I can’t watch Hachiko anymore… it gets me way to emotional!
      I’m really glad that you liked my post ❤


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