The first post!

Hi guys!

My name is Heena Rathore P. and I’m a writer in progress. This is my 3rd blog and I hope that all the readers of my other two blogs as well as the new readers have a great time browsing though this blog.

I blog at The Reading Bud, which is a book blog.

I’m presently working on my first novel (contemporary romance) and in the process I’m getting to learn a lot of things which I’d love to share with my readers and fellow bloggers!

I hope you have a great week!


Heena Rathore P.

(or as most of you know, The Reading Bud!)

18 responses to “The first post!”

      • yup – upload a chapter and search out others in your genre. Soon as you find some books you like, add them to your reading list. It works the same there as here, comment, follow and like (which translates as vote there). I also search under “New” and “Undiscovered” in that genre with the thought new peeeps are more likely to check out my story too.


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