a snippet from NaNoville…

A fantastic Chapter by the lovely and extremely talented Sue Bahr…

Sue Bahr

nanoSo, I’ve been working on a ya contemporary called “Drift” for NaNo. Have to say, I think it’s coming along just dandy. Since I have no tips to share and my brain is awash in all things NaNo, I thought I’d share the first couple paragraphs of my WIP.


This is a NaNo draft, which means ugly phrasing and repetitive words, spelling errors and missing punctuation. Reader be advised.

(Okay. I hope it’s not THAT bad).


Chapter 1

When your entire life’s a lie, you need one constant that’s true, even if it’s just your name.


I hate hating my life.

I flip open my track phone. It reads three am. Something woke me up–maybe it’s just the storm brewing in the west. More likely, it’s my well-honed instinct that I’m about to relive my worst nightmare.

I shove my blankets aside and stare out the open…

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