2015 Resolutions

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”
Louisa May Alcott

Hi guys… It’s been 13 days since the new year started and I am totally aware that this must have been my first or second post, but I believe it’s actually never late to do anything good. I made this list on 31st Dec’14 and wrote it on my white-board, but now I really need to clear up the board as I need it to make some notes on a new book I’ve just bought, so I thought I’ll type it up and get a print of it. And as this is my personal blog, I thought this one will make a good post. So here’s my 2015 Resolution’s list:

  1. Maintaining a personal-journal and writing at-least 1 page everyday.
  2. Maintaining a gratitude-journal and writing 10 things that I’m grateful for everyday.
  3. Writing 500 words everyday. And also completing my book!Article
  4. Completing the German self-tutor course.24057450-danke-thanks-in-the-german-language-grunge-rubber-stamp-over-a-white-background-vector-illustration
  5. Completing the research for my book.Homepagecarroussel-research1
  6. Walking/jogging 6 kms everyday, without exceptions!1
  7. Reading at-least 2 books per week and 100 books by the end of the year.3
  8. Getting my OCD in check. 4b88b7eb453baaab2102d71a4b9096ba
  9. Build a great metabolism and strength (so that I can join Himalayan Mountaineering Institute next year!) 1569565975001_3441300359001_1932549107001-strength-training-metabolism-still
  10. Start meditating 2 times a day. Concentrate on calming and reducing stress (as my stress levels are round-the-clock high!)  woman-meditating-sunset
  11. Take spa and massages every 15-20 days 🙂 Aroma Therapy

For now I have set only 11 goals for 2015, but I guess these will be enough to keep me busy the entire year… 🙂

What are your new year resolutions???

52 responses to “2015 Resolutions”

  1. An impressive list of resolutions, Heena – especially your desire to get fit in order to join the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute! That is more than impressive! If you keep going on all fifteen resolutions you’ll have no time for anything else. Take care to get some rest as well. I hope it all goes really well for you.

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    • Thanks a lot Millie! ❤
      My hubby is a fitness junkie, whereas I'm a too lazy to do anything! lol! He's been wanting to join this mountaineering course from last two years but he won't go without me. So I finally decided to spend one year (2015) to get all fit and healthy and build some serious stamina and surprise him by enrolling for the beginner's program in 2016 (hopefully!) 🙂
      And yea, I'll take your advice for rest seriously… thanks dear 😀

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  2. I absolutely LOVE your list!! Wow, absolutely amazing!! I, too, am writing in a personal journal everyday as well as a gratitude journal. Reflection is definitely key! Also, meditation is a great way to get stress in check and to recenter!! I love your spa/massage idea!! That sounds fabulous!! Way to rock 2015!! You’re beautiful! Have a lovely day! XOXO 🙂

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    • Thanks Dagny, as I was telling Miliie, my hubby is a fitness junkie, whereas I’m a too lazy to do anything! lol! He’s been wanting to join this mountaineering course from last two years but he won’t go without me. So I finally decided to spend one year (2015) to get all fit and healthy and build some serious stamina and surprise him by enrolling for the beginner’s program in 2016 (hopefully!) 😀

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      • Best of luck! I think that is so exciting. I don’t know what altitude you live at, but when I was camping in the mountains of Colorado at around 8,000 feet, what a difference in stamina between us coming from 5000 feet and the people coming from 1000 feet. I really felt pretty much the same until we went higher, but then – ugh – I was lucky to be able to take three steps before stopping to rest. And this was hiking on a trail! Not much you can really do to prepare for a much higher elevation, though, but surely it being in good aerobic shape would help.

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        • OMG! You are correct! I guess I’ll have to build one hell of a stamina… The worst part is I can’t handle temps. below 10 degree Celsius… lol! But still I’m gonna give it a try… I hope I don’t freeze up there!

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  3. I wish you luck with your list. Mine involves mostly writing projects, but there’s a bit of self-improvement on there too. Definitely with you on the stress-reduction!

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  4. That’s a lot to do this year! I only wish I could read two books a week – that would be fun 🙂 I could handle going to the spa, I think. I think about what I’m grateful for every day, but it might be an interesting exercise to go the next step and write the list. Good luck on your goals!

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  5. […] Last year I made a list of 11 resolutions and I stuck to it till the end (except for the learning German, but I had my reasons.) It made me realise that I perform better if I announce my goals, so here I am with a list of my this year’s resolution. You can read my last year’s resolution list here: 2015 Resolutions. […]


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