National Readathon

Hi guys, this is a piece of news I came across on various blogs and Goodreads so I thought of sharing it with you guys and also to announce what I’ll be pledging to read. I read everyday but this feels like being a part of something bigger! So I’ve decided to participate inspite of being from a different country, after all reading is all that matters! I’ll be reading all day today. I’m planning to read Frozen (Heart Of Dread#1) which I’ve recieved from NetGalley upon my request, Duma Key issued from library and Almost Adept requested by author. I’ve already started these three books and I’m planning to finish them for this Readathon.


If you don’t already know about this readathon, then here are the details:


Grab your latest book and charge your ereaders, bibliophiles. It’s time for the first-ever National Readathon Day. On Saturday, January 24, join readers nationwide to make #timetoread for four hours in solidarity for literacy. National Readathon Day, sponsored by Goodreads, The National Book Foundation, Penguin Random House and Mashable, is a nationwide marathon reading session on Saturday, January 24th from noon-4 PM (in respective time zones), and a fundraiser for The National Book Foundation’s literacy programs. You can get involved on Goodreads by pledging to read any book you’d like. Maybe you’re in the middle of something so good, you want four hours to finish it. Or perhaps there’s a novel that’s been on your to-read shelf for weeks that you’ve just been waiting for an excuse to start. If you need some suggestions, we’ve also shared our list of the best books of January. Once you decide, select the book you’ll be reading for the readathon on our Readathon Challenge page and click the “Pledge to Read” button to share your selection with the rest of the Goodreads community. We‘ll add the book you choose to your “to-read” shelf (if it’s not already there) and also add it to a custom ‟readathon-day-2015” shelf.

Tweet about this Readathon with #timetoread So are you participating? What are the books that you’re planning to read for this marathon (or otherwise.) Your thoughts are always welcome 🙂 Have a great day. Happy Reading!

8 responses to “National Readathon”

  1. Awesome!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!! XOXO

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    1. Thanks a lot Kristin… you too ❤


  2. I’m in! I chose Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child.

    I loved Duma Key. It’s hard to put down – which is what you need for four hours, lol.

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    1. Yay! That’s great Dagny 🙂

      I was having so much fun (or I was getting chills like hell) reading one of King’s finest, then my hubby had to go on a business trip and now I’m all alone!
      I can’t even think of reading it when I’m alone in the house! As such it’s creeping the hell outta me already! I’m just waiting for him to come home so that I can complete it!

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      1. Lol, Heena. I seem to recall only wanting to read it in the daylight myself.

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        1. OMG! Same here… there’s just no way I can read it in the night…

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