Attention! Reviewer Wanted!

wanted-responsiveHello everyone!

I’m in need of a reviewer/contributor who’ll help me review titles that my blog, The Reading Bud, receives for reviewing.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a blog or not. The only thing I’m looking for is the will to read and review books honestly.

If you are new to reviewing then don’t worry, I’ll help you with the process and everything.

Contact me at:

Have a great day!

19 responses to “Attention! Reviewer Wanted!”

  1. I already write reviews on my blog and for London New Writers. If you don’t mind being third in line as it were then you are welcome to have mine. I have to say I do not, will not write bad reviews. It might sound a tad fanciful but I take a Zen like view of reviews. What I write about I like, what I don’t write about I don’t. I know, I know, another nutter!!!


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