Happy Holi <3


Hi everyone! I’m doing this quick post to wish all all of you a very Happy Holi.

Have a fabulous and a colorful day ❤

22 responses to “Happy Holi <3”

    • I thought of describing Holi in this post, but had a lot of other preps to do, so didn’t.
      I hope Google explained you nicely! It’s a festival of colors… just go crazy and throw colors and water balloons on everyone…lol! 😉
      Anyways, thanks and Happy Holi to you too!

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  1. I had to look up what Holi was before I could reply to this. Now I know – so have a wonderful Festival of Colour, Heena. The pots of paint (if tht’s what they are) make sense now. Who says blogging isn’t educational? 🙂

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    • Hahah! I agree! Thanks a lot dear… and same to you 🙂
      Actually they are not paints… they are powders. People play with coloured powders but some naughty people add water and make paste out of them and ruin others faces… lol! 😉
      I’m highly allergic to these colors (even the organic ones) as my skin is too sensitive, so I stayed indoors only 🙂 But enjoyed seeing people dancing and enjoying…
      As I’m on a fitness and healthy food spree, I successfully avoided the booze as well!

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