Word Of The Week (WOW #15)

Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me), it’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. WOW If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.

Here’s this week’s WOW:harrowWord:



harrow: noun harrowed: noun harrow: verb [with adj.] harrowing: gerund or present participle harrowing: adjective




noun: an implement consisting of a heavy frame set with teeth or tines which is dragged over ploughed land to break up clods, remove weeds, and cover seed.

verb [with adj.]: 

  1. draw a harrow over (land).
  2. cause distress to.


distress, trouble, afflict, grieve, torment, torture, crucify, rack, sear, pain, wound, mortify, cause agony to, cause suffering to.


calm, comfort, heartening.

Word Origin: 

Middle English: from Old Norse herfi ; obscurely related to Dutch hark ‘rake’.


Todd could take it, whereas I’m harrowed by it. They ploughed and harrowed the heavy clay.harrowing film about racism and violence.

Related images:

a harrow
harrowed (distressed)

I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page-


22 responses to “Word Of The Week (WOW #15)”

  1. A good word, Heena. I’ve used it to mean distress/ distressing but have had no reason as yet to decribe farmers harrowing their fields. I see them doing it in the farmland around our village quite often though.

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      • Ah … I often have harrowing days – at least I did, when all the children were still at home. But, somehow, I didn’t mind being harrowed at all. Haha. Things are just too peaceful around here now. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • HEhehe! I can understand how enough peaceful days can make a person want a bit of a change… ahem… even if that change means a bit of harrow ! 🙂
          I’m writing a poem these days and I’ve used this word in it… I guess this is the first time I’m consciously using my WOW word 😀 It’s starting to pay off!!!
          I hope you’re having a brilliant start to this amazing week 🙂


  2. I know I’ve said it before Heena, but I really like these Friday ‘new word’ posts. I had never heard of a harrow before. And how about that, it can be used as a noun, adjective and verb (have I left any grammar thing out? 🙂 ).
    Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww… Thank you so much Staci! You’ve made my day 🙂
      Heheh… even I was amazed that ‘harrow’ can be used as noun, vern and adj.) English words are really amazing!
      You too have a great and a joyous weekend! ❤


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