Reading Her Mind

Here’s my second story for Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.

This post is a scribe inspired by today's  Describli photo prompt.
Today’s Prompt: Reading Her Mind

Reading Her Mind

The sun is setting and the shadows are stretching. She takes a sip of her lemonade and keeps it in her mouth for 5 secs before swallowing it. She looks relaxed with her feet dangling beneath her in her white skirt and peach t-shirt. She looks peaceful… serene.

She unknowingly plays with the end of her braid with with both her hands, twisting and turning her beautiful brown hair. She is looking straight ahead and seems lost in her own world.

I ask myself again for the thousandth time “how can someone be so comfortable in silence?” And wonder how long she can sit like this lost in her own world for good.

She shifts a little bit in her sofa seat and gives me a small side glance. I don’t know what to make of it but now I know she’s well aware of me and her surroundings. She is just doing what she’s best at doing… maintaining her care-less attitude. Like the entire world can go burn in hell and she’ll be least bothered by it.

She looks so pretty that I just want to get up right now and take her in my arms and kiss her. But I know better than that. The moment I’ll touch her the illusion of calm will be shattered to bits and the madness beneath with resurface.

I’m just waiting for her “calm-phase” to pass, so that I can take her back to her ward.


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