Book Review: The Darkest Tool


AuthorGerald Barnes 
Release Date: November 16, 2013
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 234
Publisher: Self-published
Source: Author
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4-stars Review


This story starts out like a YA novel. I half expected it to continue that way, but I caution the reader, this is not YA. The story starts out with Jonathan, a young man who has finally found a home. His mother died giving birth and he didn’t know his father. He has been in the system for 12 years before the Braces took him in. Life takes him on a journey of poor decisions and a love that destroys him once it ends. You follow Jonathan through his life. Then the tables turn and you are following the demon that is Jonathans guardian, Arioch. Arioch tells the story of Lucifer’s fall from heaven and the angels that followed him to earth. This is probably the first book I have read with this kind of story. It reminded me a lot of a Stephen King novel, minus all the ramblings that Stephen King is known for. It was straight to the point and I was hooked from the beginning. Probably because it starts with a love story and when there is romance, I am all over it.


The two main characters go through a lot of growing through this book. The problem with most books is that the characters go from A to B with no middle ground, no explination as to how they got to point B. This book does an amazing job showing the transition from the person Jonathan was, to the person he became. While Arioch’s development wasn’t as focused on, his end is understood and you can see the progress of who he was to who he became.


This book was full of romance! The most glaring one was between Jonathan and his high school sweet heart Alyssa. It is a lovely story, until it’s not. It becomes the love story that brings Jonathan down, making his life take a new direction. As for kills, you will just have to read the story, but believe me there is plenty of blood.


I had no issues reading this book. I did try to pay attention to grammar and spelling while reading this book. There was only one issue that I saw and it was simply where one word was repeated. Other than that, the writing was well edited and didn’t distract from the story. I was able to lose myself in the story.


The beginning was perfect. You meet Jonathan and almost instantly there is a love story brewing. Not to mention the horrible background of Jonathans past and the horrible things he had seen.


The ending was so perfect! It was a happy ending, which this story needed. There was so much going on in the novel and so many horrible things happening, the only ending to have was a happy ending. This could be a stand-alone novel as easily as it could be the first of a series. I did see on Goodreads that this will be a series but the series has been set aside for another novel.


I think the blurb is perfect. It gives just enough detail to get your attention, but not so much that you know what is going to happen.

Cover Art:

Had this been a YA novel, the cover would be ideal. But after reading the novel I don’t think the cover does it justice. The cover is dark, so is the story, but the cover gives the impression of a fluffy darkness. You know, the darkness that isn’t all that dark, but just dark enough to give YA readers a little rush. The darkness within the pages is the kind of stuff that may keep you awake at night. The cover needs to be re-imagined.

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 Other Stuff

Opening Line: Prologue: He was running scared. Chapter 1: I opened my eyes to the impending darkness.

Highlights: The progression of the story was perfect in keeping my attention.

Lowlights: I can’t really think of anything.

Final Thoughts: I feel like if you like Stephen King you may like this novel as well. I know I loved it.

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