Book Review: Breakfast Is Severed


Author: TyCobbsTeeth
Release: August 29th 2014
Series: None
Genre: Mystery | Thriller | Suspense
Edition: Kindle (Mobi)
Pages: 321
Publisher: HotPepper Publishing
Source: Author
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It’s a very short story, more like a teaser for the full length book to come. The premise of the story looks very interesting and I think I would like to read the full book and see where and how things will change. It was a bit confusing for me with all the action, but the reason for it was not sure to me. It was a very fast paced read as you are thrown to story in mid action.


The main character David Cameron, seems like a strong character, but again it was too short and a lot of details about him were missing, for me.


The love interest is short here and kills that were very crude, but still wasn’t sure by whom they were made.


Breakfast is Severed is a well written short story. It has lots of details of the surrounding, but it lacks the detail of emotions and characters, but again it’s very short.


We are thrown in as chaotic changes occur around the world of the main character David Cameron.


I loved how the author ended the teaser. By the end of this short story, I wanted to know already what was going on.

Cover Art:

The cover is very beautiful. I love the simple style of it, a lot.


The blurb describes very well the story and it’s not reliving too many details which is nice.

You can also read this review at Goodreads and Amazon.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: “WHILE THUMBING THROUGH A MESSAGE ON HIS cell phone, David Cameron bit into his freshly toasted bagel.”

Highlights: The overall writing style of the author.

Lowlights: For me it fell on the details and I need a bit more information. I didn’t know what was going on and what was hinted just wasn’t enough for me.

Final Thoughts: overall it was a fast read and I liked the author’s writing style. Just needs a little more tweaking with the details and characters and I am sure the full length book will be a 5 starts book and I will enjoy reading it.

Memorable Quotes:

We are only nine meals from anarchy.

Review contributor:

pics copy 2Galit Balli

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