I dare you to watch this alone!

Vishal sent me this video and I still can’t sleep alone…

19 responses to “I dare you to watch this alone!”

  1. Okay, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Got to the point where the figure appeared close to the door and gasped and hit the stop button! I am such a lightweight with creepy things… *shudder*

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  2. Spookiness is very much there even on this clipping, so it’s impact on a TV or the wide screen can really be something to contend with… I recall experiencing the horror effect seeing The Omen and The Exorcist in movie theatre during my student days in the 1970s. It was really creepy then…

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    • I agree! Movies of 70s and 80s were spookier than most of the ones we have today. I love Omen and Exorcist series and if I’m to add one, I’d say Exorcism of Emily Rose. It really made me lose sleep for over a week! Lol! Even Conjuring is pretty good and the first 3 Paranormal Activity movies… I dread watching scary movies but somewhere along the line I love them as much 🙂


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