Festival Of Lights: Happy Diwali!

Hello, everyone, I hope you guys are having a great week. Finally, I’m back from another one of those short… ahem… not so short break and this time I do have a valid reason for it: DIWALI πŸ™‚

Belated Happy Diwali to all my lovely readers and subscribers. I hope that all your wishes come true on this auspicious occasion and may the festival of lights bring amazing things in your lives.


If you have been away from Earth for a long time and don’t know what Diwali is, then you can read about it here.

I took a few pictures (only a few as I was really busy with all the pre and post preps.) You can check them out on my Instagram.

I’ll be back with new and amazing posts once I’ve settled into my normal routine and also after I get a few words written for NaNoWriMo. Talking about NaNo, I’ve started outlining my second novel (Sinister Town) and most probably I’ll be writing the first draft in less than 15 dayΒ for this year’s NaNo. Looking forward to a “10K+ day” in the near future πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys are having a great time.

Ciao ❀

25 responses to “Festival Of Lights: Happy Diwali!”

  1. Happy Diwali to you Heena. I had the opportunity to experience Diwali first hand when I was staying in Jaipur in 2008. I’m sure you had a wonderful time.
    Off to check out your Instagram photos.
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • Thanks a lot, Phoenix. Same to you πŸ™‚
      I’m only at 1,200. Lol! I’m planning to have heaving writing days in the next week or so. Hope it turns out to be okay.
      Hows you project coming up? All the best to you too, dear πŸ™‚

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      • NaNo project’s not going too bad. Currently have a crisis as I only planned the first half of my story and now having to do the rest. I thought the first half would be longer than it is. πŸ™‚

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        • Hmmm… stories always seem to be longer than they really are. Don’t know why exactly but it always happen.
          At least you got the first half of it done. I’m nowhere even close to it. Hope to read your work soon πŸ™‚ All the very best dear!

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  2. Happy Diwali, Heena, to you and all your family.

    LOL about first draft of Sinister Town – I thought you weren’t going to do that again. Or was that just what you were thinking on December 1 of last year. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks a lot, Dagny! Happy Diwali and Halooween (both belated) to you and your family too πŸ™‚

      Haha! Lol! Exactly what my hubby said… Right now I am feeling so overwhelmed and drained after meeting all the relatives that I think I won’t be able to get anything done this month.
      To be honest, I’m just trying to get the draft written cause I don’t want to forget the main plot points. Once I’m done, I’m gonna take 2 months off and read all my favourite books to my heart’s content… The first one being ASOIF series (which will take 2 months atleast. lol!)

      I hope everything’s fine at your end as well, Dagny. I miss exchanging mails with you so much ❀
      Take care and have a great day!

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      • Everything is fine on my end, Heena. Sounds like you are slowly recovering from the busyness of Diwali. What rotten timing for you that NaNoWriMo is in November.


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