Good News!

Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a good news for those who haven’t read my recent tweets or Instagram. So here it goes,

In October, I sent out a handful e-mails to some of the best literary agents in India. The e-mail was regarding the submission of the first 4 chapters of Deceived, my first book. (You can read about Deceived and all my other WIPs here.)

And I’m really happy to tell you that I’ve already received replies from 5 of the agents. I was completely blown away as I was expecting the replies by mid-January.

Okay, so the good news is that 3 of the agents have asked me to send them the full MS of Deceived and the other two are already up to represent me. I’ll be going through the contracts before finalising my agent (yes! Now I get to choose! Totally amazeballs!)

Here’s my tweet about it:

I’d like to thank you guys for all your amazing and encouraging comments because those comments REALLY kept me going!
You guys are the best 🙂

It might be a while before I make the final call as I don’t want to miss this golden chance to have the best one represent me. But whatever happens, I’ll keep all of you in the loop.

I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season.


Ciao ❤

29 responses to “Good News!”

  1. Wow, congratulations Heena! I hope all is going well!! Is it going to be published this year? Keep us posted and I hope I can read it in my Kindle too..

    P.S.: great idea to have it published through an agent/publisher 🙂 best wishes for you!

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    • Thanks a lot, Indah! Yes, it’ll be out by July this year and we are indeed releasing the e-books along with the paperbacks. Will do an announcement posts as soon as I’ll sign the contract with my publisher 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great day!


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