Adios 2015!

2015 has been a marvelously splendid year and I am going to miss it dearly! I’ve learned so many new things (about the world and about myself) and have received so many wonderful things from The Universe that I can’t even count them in one go. This year has been the best one so far and I know that the next year will be even more prosperous than this one (for me as well as for all the readers of my blog.)

First of a big THANK YOU to all you wonderful readers. I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to visit your blog since a month or two but I’ll make up for it in the coming month. I promise. I really hope that you guys have a wonderful and prosperous new year and that happiness and fortune always find your doorstep!

Secondly, I’d like to thank The Universe for EVERYTHING, but especially for Deceived (my first book-completed) and Sinister Town (my second book-WIP.)

Here are some of the posts that I did this year. If you’ve missed out on reading one then simply click on the link to read it.

Articles on writing:

My writing progress and my first book:

Articles on reading:


Flash Fiction:

Features and Interviews:

Guest Posts:


This year I also read 100 books. Normally it would have been a piece of cake, but as I wrote a full-length novel this year, it proved to be a little difficult by the end. But somehow I managed to complete the Goodreads Challenge and have decided to go for another 100 books for next year.
You can check out my year in books here at Goodreads.)

So, as I said before, this year was truly amazing and it breaks my heart to say goodbye to it but that’s the way of life, isn’t it!? How was your year as a writer/reader/reviewer/blogger or simply as an emotional person?

I hope you guys are having a great day!

Ciao ❤

19 responses to “Adios 2015!”

  1. I am not surprised you had no time to visit blogs and read posts… Heena! You are super busy. Congrats to all your achievements, dear friend!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Erika! You are simply amazing and so understanding!!!
      Your comments have been a great support to me in my writing journey (and blogging as well.) You truly inspire me 🙂
      Thank you for all that you’re done for me knowingly or unknowingly! You are one of my most treasured friends! ❤ Hugs to you!

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      1. You always know how to make me smile. I am glad we met and that we already know each other for so long. I wish you all the best of luck and I thank you for sharing your passion with all of us! Much love and big hugs to you, Heena!

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  2. Happy New Year to you, Heena, and to Vishal and all the extended family. Onward!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Dagny! Happy New Year to you, and to you family too!!!

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  3. Wow, you’ve accomplished a lot this year. Well done. 🙂 I am a little jealous of your 100 books read this year. I didn’t even make my goal of 20. Never mind. Try again next year. Happy New Year 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Phoenix. 🙂 And you weren’t able to read books because you were busy writing stuff where as me, I was just reading books. After writing a few flash fiction, I lost track and got lost again. So, I’m the one who’s more jealous here!
      Just to get into Descirbli’s prompt-writing again, I’ve bought a new notebook just for it… hehe! This year I’m planning to write at least 2 stories per week. if you have any suggestions on being regular at writing then please tell me. I’m in serious need for some “prompting.” Lol!
      Happy New Year to you, and your family, dear!!! ❤
      Loads of hugs!

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      1. The only way I manage to stay regular with writing (mostly) is to put in my diary, and make it a priority. There are some things, obviously, that comes above it, but other leisure stuff, or anything that can wait, doesn’t , on those days.
        Good excuse to buy a new notebook. 😀
        Happy New Year to you too! And good luck with the short stories, I look forward to reading them on Describli. 🙂

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        1. Thanks a bunch so sharing your process with me, Phoenix. I’ll also make it a point to not let anything come in between me and my writing.
          Thanks and Have a great day!

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  4. Your writer’s workshop (I like to call your write-ups just that) is truly informative and offers useful signposts in a prospective writer’s arduous pathway. Btw, how many books did you read? Happy New Year, Heena…

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    1. Thanks a lot, Raj! Your words mean a lot to me as you are one of the most refined writer friends I have here in the blogosphere. 🙂
      I read 100 books in 2015 (would have read more, but I spent 4 months writing my full-length novel. So, managed only a 100.) I’m planning to read 100 again in 2016 as I’ll be working on my second novel (but I think 100 is fair enough for a writer writing an 80K book. Isn’t it!?) 😀
      Ann thanks a lot. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂


  5. Wow hun, you have accomplished so much this year, next year will be even more amazing (I am sure of that) ♡
    100 books, wow (I miss reading this much) 📚😍

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    1. Thanks sweetz! I hope the same for you (and loads more!)
      I hope you’ll have enough time to read this year! 🙂

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      1. Thanks, sweety. Sadly no.
        Everything changed today and I have to put aside books and writing 😦 I hope just for January but will see how things goes with my mom.

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        1. I’m sure everything will be fine soon dear. Please take care of yourself!
          Have a great day!

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          1. Thank you hun so much for being such a great friend 😃😍
            I hope you are having an amazing day/week 😄

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            1. You’re welcome, dear! ❤

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