2016 Resolutions

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake.

– Sir Frances Bacon

Last year I made a list of 11 resolutions and I stuck to it till the end (except for the learning German, but I had my reasons.) It made me realise that I perform better if I announce my goals, so here I am with a list of my this year’s resolution. You can read my last year’s resolution list here: 2015 Resolutions.

My 2016 Resolutions:

  1. Prepare for running marathons and participate in one marathon this year (my first ever.)sports-1050966_640
  2. Stick to the vegetarian diet the entire year.life-863705_640
  3. Getting inked – a small tattoo in the memory of, Tiger (my deceased pet GSD.)

    Something like this
  4. Get Sinister Town ready for publishing.
  5. Complete the poetry collection.
  6. Complete the short-stories started in 2015 (Jessie and Bianca series.)journal-1090599_640
  7. Learn swimming and continue it for at least 6 months (three days a week.)buoy-914766_640
  8. Rejoin Zumba classes (3 days a week.)
  9. Get Vishal’s old Ford and start practicing to drive it (I can’t drive a sedan so I can’t risk driving our new baby, Honda City.)car-35502_640
  10. Take classical singing classes. melody-154619_640
  11. Start creating videos for book reviews.youtube
  12. Write biweekly for Describli prompts – Mondays and Wednesdays.describlismall
  13. Read 70 books (I read 100 last year but it got really hectic towards the end, my content writing and Deceived and all, so I’m going to keep my goals low this year.)Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.59.42 pm

I’ll try and complete all these resolutions by the end of this year and hopefully, I will, but even if not, trying to fulfill these resolutions will get me closer to my goals. And that is what matters.

So, what are your 2016 resolutions?

40 responses to “2016 Resolutions”

  1. Those are quite some resolutions, Heena! Sorry about tiger. I love the idea of the tattoo. Hey, and fantastic that you are taking classical singing classes. I am a classical singer basically. I have one record on my page to listen to. Whish you lots of success and fun with bringing this all to life!

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    • Thanks, Erika. And I recently came to know about Tiger, as he’s been with my dad for the last 7-8 years. In some godawful way I’m not even sure about his death (as my mom and dad don’t communicate with each other at all so my mom has given me only half news. I’m yet to talk to my father to know what really happened. Sad story 😦
      And wow, you are so talented dear! I’m truly horrified at the idea of singing in front of a teacher… lol!

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      • I am sorry to hear about those difficulties, Heena. I hope you soon know everything and also the situation between your parents get better.
        Don’t worry at all. Those teachers are there for teaching not for getting educated students! That is their job. Their motivation is to improve your skills! The only thing you really need to have is joy and passion…. everything else follows!

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        • Yea, guess I’ll have to call dad and ask him myself. It feels weird as we haven’t spoken in the last 4 years. Funny life.
          And thanks so much Erika. You’re so encouraging. I hope I won’t chicken out before even starting. Hehe! I’ll try my best to at least attend a week’s class before quitting. 🙂
          Hope you’re having a great day!

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          • Yes, just try it. You have nothing to lose! Everything new has to be learned first. There are times when you make big progress and times when it is not so obvious. But that is normal. Don’t give in too fast 🙂


      • Oh, silly me. I was thinking about the U.S. usage of “marathon” when it pertains to running – 26.2 miles. We have a lot of 5k (3.1 miles for those like me who are metrically challenged) races over here and 10Ks are very popular. I think my first race was a 10k. I ran a lot of races when I was in my 30s and early 40s. They were all just for fun. Turning forty was great because I only competed against other runners forty and over. Then I moved to a rural area and was lucky to find one race a year that was anywhere near enough to warrant the travel time.

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            • And I’m a tortoise! I’m so slow, Dagny, that sometimes when I jog, I wonder if I’m even moving at all… Lol!
              But nonetheless, trying is the key. I just hope to lose some of the extra pounds with running… and as you advised​d earlier last year, I’m having milk two times a day… 🙂

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              • I’m so glad you remembered about the milk, Heena! I didn’t drink a lot of milk when I was in my 20s and 30s and was shocked to discover that as far as osteoporosis goes, it is important that early.

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                • I see my mom struggling with joint pain and all and I often wondered why it happens, but I guess this is why even she suffers. She never had milk when she was in her 20s, 30s or even 40s. I’ll make sure to continue drinking milk always. Thanks Dagny 🙂

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