2 Year Blog Anniversary (Happy Birthday TRB)

Thank you, everyone, for all your love and support! Today TRB has successfully completed 2 years ❤TRB-2

This year in numbers: (March’15 – March’16)

No. of books read: 90

No. of books reviewed: 87 (including reviews from contributors.)

Blog followers: 592

No. of comments: 1,918

No. of spam comments blocked: 6000+

Facebook followers: 1,286

Twitter followers: 235

Plans for this year:

I’m starting a different section of TRB with Emily Green (Social Media Strategist and Publicist at CP) which will focus on Book Promotions. We’ll have giveaways, cover reveals, excerpt reveals, author interviews and other promotional services. This wing of TRB will be paid and have different packages that’ll be created and looked after by Emily.

The reviews will remain free of cost as I don’t want to ruin the book reviews by making them paid.

Good News:

I’ve recently received an email from a mobile app company offering a sponsorship for TRB in which they are volunteering to create and app for TRB. How awesome is that!? If everything goes fine, we might have our own TRB app soon.

At the end I’d like to thanks all my review contributors for helping me keep TRB flooded with reviews all year round! THANK YOU!!! ❤

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