Checking In

Hi, guys. I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and on top of that I’m down with cold and cough. So forgive me for being MIA and for not posting new stories or posts. I’ll be off for another week or two and then will be back with new and fun stuff. 🙂

All the best to those who are participating in Camp NaNo. Good luck guys! You can do it.

Here’s one of my articles to help anyone who’s stuck: 5 Keys To Write 50K Words Within 30 Days

To the rest of you, have an amazing time and keep checking in here to make sure you don’t miss my next story 🙂

Have an awesome day!

Ciao ❤

35 responses to “Checking In”

  1. Thats a tough spell, hope you get through it :p

    I find some stark similarity with the link… Why does it smell like a dedication to someone? 😉
    PS: Thank you for the link btw :p
    Also am confused, NaNoWriMo is in November right?

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  2. Oh, I hope you feel better soon. 🙂 Colds are horrible. And good luck with CampNaNo. I seem to be stuck on a rollercoaster. Get behind, catch up, and repeat. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Phoenix! Colds are really horrible and they are worst in such hot weather 😦 It’s so hot here that I feel stupid having to wipe my nose while everyone around me is taking baths several times a day! Lol!
      And NaNo is not going well for me too. I’m doing the same like you, but now I’m just editing and not writing. Counting 1 hr of editing as 1K words.
      Things are not looking good for me for now, but hopefully, I’ll also catch up.
      Hope you’ll catch up once for good and start getting ahead with NaNo. 🙂

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      • I suffer with allergies pretty much all year round, so I’ve gotten used to having to wipe my nose constantly. 🙂 It does suck though, and I can empathise.
        I’ve managed to catch up at the moment. I hope you do to0. 🙂 Not sure about getting ahead though.
        I’ve thought about doing editing for NaNo, but wasn’t sure how to count the time as words. I’ve read a few different methods. How did you decide on how to do it?

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        • Sorry to hear that. And yeah, it really does suck 😦
          I decided to count 1 hr of editing as 1000 words (which I think is the standard most people use,) but to be honest, I’m actually doing more than editing, I’m revising my work as well as rewriting (as I do the first two on the hard copy with a pen,) so again, 1 hr of working is so much more than 1K words. So I decided to use the word count of the words I edit. As in, I’m editing and revising and rewriting 4 chapters a day which are about 10K words. So If I COMPLETE working on these 10K words in a day, then I count them as 10K words for NaNo, because it takes me almost 6 hrs to do that. So by my speed of writing new words, I can write around 15K words in 6 hrs, so I think it’s quite reasonable.

          Wow! This turned out to be a long comment. Though, I hope I was able to explain my method clearly 🙂

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          • That seems like a reasonable method. Did you figure it out all in one go, or did it kind of develop over time? (Sorry if I’m being nosy.)

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            • Nosy? Never! I like to call it bonding 😀
              Anyway, yeah, it did take time for me to figure it out. Initially, I started with 1hr = 1K, but after 2 days I was like, “That’s insane! I’m doing so much more than just “correcting spelling!”
              Hence, I decided to find a new method. The first day when I edited 10K I felt drained, so I knew that I would have felt exactly the same after writing 10K (maybe even less) so I was like, “What the heck, 10K words it is!”
              That’s the story behind me finding this new (and better) permanent editing formula for NaNo and in general 🙂

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              • Makes sense. 🙂 I like learning about how other writers find their methods. It’s interesting. I thought about doing Elondria for CampNaNo, then thought it would be too hard to work out how many words to count for how many hours of work and finally decided I needed a writing project on the go anyway.
                Okay, that was a long sentence. Basically, I really need to come up with a way of equating hours of revising-type work to NaNo words. 🙂

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                • Same here! It’s always good to know about new thought-processes. 🙂
                  It’s always good to have a system already decided to count words for editing and revising. It makes the NaNo a smooth ride.
                  I hope you’ll figure out a comfortable way of doing it which will compliment your needs. 🙂

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    • Hi! (Sorry, didn’t get your name.)
      Welcome to the blogging world. And thanks for your kind words 🙂
      I’m glad that you visited my blog. I have one more (a book blog – The Reading Bud – see the menu tab.)
      I’ll visit your blog as soon as I’ll get some free time!
      Have a great day!

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