2017 Resolutions

This is the third year I’m doing a ‘Resolutions’ post, so I feel like it’s kind of becoming a ritual now. And I like it as it helps to be more productive.

Every year I complete a few resolutions and forget some, but this year I’ve decided to go through the list of my previous resolutions that weren’t completed and resolve to complete them this year. So 2017 is going to be special as I’ll be doing all the things I’ve been wanting to do from last 2-3 years.

Here’s my list of resolution for this year:tumblr_nikl8pxddz1tq4of6o1_500


  • Complete Sinister Town and hand it over to the editors at Citrus Publishers
  • Get the first half-draft ready for Princess Nymeria series and if possible write the first draft for the first book too
  • Write 10 new short stories (for Blogbattles)
  • Edit the old short stories
  • Carry on the short story series I started (all 3 of them)
  • Write 1000 words 5 days a week
  • Get a short story published in a mag
  • Be regular in emailing my writing accountability partnergiphy-3


  • Complete 90 books this year
  • Read at least 12 classics, 25 NetGalley books and finish off all the books I’ve already bought (the ones sitting on my bookshelf) – RMFAO Challenges
  • Read more technical books on writing
  • Read at least 1 biography
  • Finish all the review backlogs200


  • Post more reviews (old and new both)
  • Blog more often (at least twice a month)
  • Make more podcasts
  • Work on YouTube channel
  • Post more fiction stories and flash fiction pieces
  • Start visiting all the blogs and start reading them regularly (like every Sunday or something like that)
  • Create 2 new short ebooks for Newsletter subscriberstumblr_lh3ipufpgo1qavbn4


  • Watch at least a dozen psychological thrillers (both old and new)
  • Finish Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing, Under The Dome, Shadow Hunters and other series that I’ve started on NetFlix
  • Take guitar classes (this is already started, my teacher is due to come home to teach Vishal and me from next week)
  • Work on my social anxiety
  • Learn public speaking
  • Follow the pescetarian diet for the entire year without slipping (this gets very difficult especially when you’re married to a big time foodie)
  • Meditate more and learn to let go
  • Take spas and relaxing outstation breaks more oftentenor

That’s about it!

I’ll try and read this post again and again throughout the year so that I can get these things done without forgetting about them.


What about you? What are your absolutely must-do resolutions for this year?
I hope that you’ll check all the boxes on your to-do list for this year and that you have an absolutely fantastic year ahead!

Ciao ❤

29 responses to “2017 Resolutions”

  1. He he. If I were to take up these resolutions for myself, I’d be setting myself up for failure.
    Takes a lot of determination for doing all this. Kudos and all the best to you. Looking forward to seeing you post successful milestone posts through the year.
    Happy New year!

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    • Really? Giving up before even trying. 😉
      I’m a disciplinarian and I generally get done so much more done than the things listed above. So I guess I’ll try and manage it 🙂
      Thanks a lot. I’ll try to stick to all these tasks.
      Happy New Year to you too!

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      • Not giving up but I guess one needs to take steps gradually. I don’t do these many things so if I was to do something, I should first start and see how things turn out.
        Maybe getting published would be a nice start. Post-NaNoWriMo work to be taken up!

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        • Yeah, I know what you mean. I girls are naturally better in the to-do list thing than boys. Lol.
          I’ll be happy even if I get at least half of my resolutions done 🙂
          And yeah, that’ll be great. I didn’t know you participated in NaNo. Looking forward to knowing more about your NaNo project.
          All the very best!

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          • Well, I don’t know how much of a role gender plays in this but I’ll take your word as the fact. 😝
            You said above that you get so much more done than what you’ve listed here and now you’re saying you’d be satisfied with half only?
            Yes, I did. I’m writing a detective thriller. A lot of work remains, first of which is completing the plot. I’m trying to find inspiration in anything and everything, including your work. Thanks for the wishes. 😊

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            • Yes. Because I was trying to be humble in my last comment 😛
              Plus, earlier I had no idea that that i was being considered to be promoted as the Editor In Chief at the publishig house for whom I headed the digital marketing department. And now I know that I am getting the position. So obviously now I’ll have a whole new set of responsibilities to add to the list above. ☺
              Detective Fiction. That’s nice. All the best for it. You can do it! 😊

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  2. So many goals, Heena. What a go getter and love your enthusiasm! Good luck with all the writing and improve your anxiety skills 🙂 This year I hope to work on my book and at least have a draft done. I also want to be more organised and finally clean out my closet 😂

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  3. Detailed here is a formidable list of resolutions, which I am sure can be mostly accomplished if systematically worked on with proper scheduling and prioritising. Here is wishing you, Heena, a productive and fulfilling year ahead. Be sure to have the right dose of fun as well as your admirers would like to keep seeing a fresh and spirited face behind the thick-rimmed specs of yours. Cheers…

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  4. Happy New Year and good luck on your goals!
    I felt quite bad-ass for coming up with eight goals myself, but not any more, lol. Just kidding. Hope you’ll get them all done! 🙂

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