Book Review: New Megiddo Rising (The Apostates #0.5) by Lars Teeney

Author: Lars Teeney
Release Date: 14th September 2015
Genre: Non-Fiction
Edition: E-book
Pages: 87
Publisher: Self-Published

Rating: ★★★★+1/2


At the Dawn of the Texas Republic declaring independence from Mexico, New Megiddo was born. Created by a death cult led by the Reverend Brigham Wainwright, who actively works to flood the empty, barren land with his American followers; undermining his Mexican overlords.

Fast-forward several centuries and America has become New Megiddo, a theocracy run by the Schrubb Administration, where order is kept using the technology of the [Virtue-Net] to feed the Reverend Wilhelm Wainwright’s sermons to the minds of the people. In the slums the humble beginnings of an insurgency of Apostates take shape. The cruel and clueless policies of the Church of New Megiddo and the ruling Regime push the disenfranchised masses one step closer to all-out rebellion.


This is the prequel novella to the Apostates Series.

In my opinion, it will help you a lot if you’ll read the 3 books in the Apostates Series, or even just the first so you’ll be familiar with the world, characters and overall the plot of the story.

This novella flew by fast and I when I finished, it left me craving for more of this world. You could easily see that the world was well thought-out. The author is giving us a bleak view of a future and keeping us wanting more of this world.

This novella is a wonderful background story that shows us how it all started and how this dystopian world came to life and why. This book is not centered on a plot, and at first, it was hard to connect and read, but as soon as I had a few moments to myself, I was quickly reading through the book, and before I knew it, I’ve reached the end.

Each character has their own story but they are not connected. I think this is a wonderful origin story and Lars did an amazing job and even the gorgeous cover, made me enjoy this book a lot.

I love the cover art of this book so much, it’s so pretty.

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