The Ticking Clock

Lately, I’ve developed this (somewhat weird) obsession with keeping track of the time all the time… All. The. TIME.

And the weird part (even more so) is that it started out of nowhere!

I’d always been mildly time-conscious and have had an obsession about doing things on time, but never did I obsess over each and every hour of the day like this before. Now, I keep on checking the clock every 5-10 minutes while working on anything, unless I really get into doing something, like writing and reading, and forget to see the time. It’s very tiring and testing, to say the least.

If I get busy doing something and don’t notice the time for an hour or two, I start to feel disoriented, disconcerted and anxious. That may be strange to anyone who doesn’t understand how OCD works, but for someone who’s always had it, I know that this is the beginning of a very serious problem. If left unchecked, it might lead to a point where I’ll start wearing a watch at home trying to keep track of every single minute (if not second.) And that would be very stressful and would give me tons of unnecessary anxiety.

So before it gets out of hand, I’m trying to get rid of it altogether. For this I have started doing the following things:

  1. I am intentionally trying to lose track of time as much as I can by engrossing myself into whatever I’m doing at a particular time, even while putting Eva to sleep or listening to the radio.
  2. Practicing breathing exercises (2-2 minutes only) whenever I start getting anxious for losing the track of time (this is generally needed when I follow the above step.) It works well sometimes, but sometimes I start feeling low… talk about things that can stress out a person!
  3. I’m trying to stay away from clocks as much as I can. I’ve removed the ones on my desk (and I had two of them, right next to each other!) and the one on the wall in my study.

These steps sound simple, but are not, at least not for compulsive-obsessive person. So I’ll just try to be consistent with these practices and hopefully this OCD will surpass like the earlier ones I had.

I’ll post about my progress int he coming months to keep you guys updated.

Thank you for reading!

Ciao ❤

5 responses to “The Ticking Clock”

  1. I’ve had this problem for years. I used to seriously live by the clock. I still watch the time. This afternoon I had a test in college and couldn’t see the time (because checking my phone might constitute cheating) and there was no clock in the room. It stressed me.

    I hope you can keep this in hand. It makes life miserable when it starts to restrict what you can do when. 😦

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    • Makes me feel better that I’m not alone, though I hope it gets better for you too. God only knows Taking deep breaths is helping me cope slowly but steadily. Any tips from your side would be greatly appreciated 🙂
      OMG, no clock in the test room… that is a living nightmare!! Thinking about it is making me nervous. I hope you were able to finish the test in time.

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      • It is better than it was. The worse my anxiety is, the worse my obsession is. I found that trying small blocks of time, without, well, time, helped, and building it up. Setting small goals to accomplish. I hope you find your way through it. 🙂
        Yes, I finished okay, and thankfully I don’t have many tests on my course.


  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with this, hopefully, these tips will help you, I wish you all the best with these. Unfortunately, I have the exact opposite problem, I’m pretty time-oblivious.

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