The First Furry Bud – Eva

I’d been MIA from last year so much that a lot of people have started thinking that I have stopped blogging altogether. That is not true! I love this blog and this is the main one I have so I am never going to stop posting here, no matter what. Now that we have that outContinue reading “The First Furry Bud – Eva”

Book Review: The Europa Lander by Eli Clark

Author: Eli Clark Release Date: 10th April 2018 Genre: Science-Fiction Comedy Series: Edition: E-book Pages: 118 Publisher: Abandoned Park Publishing Blurb: Martin Pool, brilliant and reclusive astronomer and Europa expert, is hired by Tycho Tech to win the race to land on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Confident as ever, Martin accepts, only to find with horror, thatContinue reading “Book Review: The Europa Lander by Eli Clark”