8 Tips For Renting A House

Renting a house is not that easy a task as it may seem on the surface. For someone like me who’s moved in and out of a fair share of rented apartments as well as bungalows, I know that renting a house does not only take careful consideration of more than a dozen things but also requires proper planning and organisation to make THE MOVE as smooth as possible and, not to forget, convenient for everyone in the family.

Especially in these times of social-distancing and the entire world economy suffering because of the global Corona pandemic, one needs to be smart and vigilant while hunting, finalising as well as sealing the rent agreement and moving in.

Thankfully, because of the modern technology and the internet, various sources are available at one’s disposal to make the entire process as simplified and less strenuous as can be.

Here are my 10 Tips For Renting A House

1. Thoroughly researching the neighbourhood.

The most important factor to look out for while hunting for a rented apartment in any are is to research the neighbourhood and to find a little (however much possible) about the neighbours. It always serves well to know what kind of people you will be interacting with and what type of locality you would be living in.

2. Careful inspection of the property

Always make sure to make thorough inspection of the property you are planning to rent. If the property has damages then you will either have to talk to the landlord to get it repaired or will have to at least make sure that the damage was already there before you moved in and preferably have it acknowledged by the landlord in writing.

Also, it will help you to negotiate or barter for the rent of the place.

3. Understanding the local landlord-tenant laws

Mostly the laws are universal, but there are some minor changes in landlord-tenant laws depending on the locality you want to rent a place in. Whenever it comes to legalities relating to property, whether it is for renting or buying, one can never be too careful.

4. Budget consideration

You need to make sure that you have studied the rent pricing in all the areas that you are considering for renting a place in. Pick the one that sits comfortable in your budget as most probably you’ll be paying for additional and unforeseen expenses in the process of moving in and settling in the new place. So it is always better to get a place under your budget so as not to end up in financial trouble with unforeseen expenses.

Also, the pricing depends on the rise or fall of the real estate market (which greatly depends on the world as well as national economy.)

The pricing of apartments greatly depend on the kind of apartment you are looking for as well as the area it is situated in. For example, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Norfolk, VA is currently $949. This is a 11% decrease compared to the previous year.


5. Understanding the lease terms

It is imperative to properly go through and understand the lease terms of your landlord because once the lease is signed, you won’t be able to change or negotiate later. So make sure to thoroughly check the lease terms (more than twice) and making sure to request changes if necessary before finalising the place and signing the lease.

6. Looking into renter’s insurance

Renters insurance can help you repair or replace property after loss due to many types of damage or theft. It can also provide coverage for an accident at your residence. Policies usually have very affordable annual premiums. Note that your landlord’s property insurance doesn’t cover your belongings.


This is self-evident and everyone must have a renter’s insurance to protect them against unforeseen circumstances.

7. Establishing a good relationship with your landlord

It is always important to spend a considerable time in getting to know them better. You must maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with your landlord in order to make sure that your life in their rented place is peaceful and without difficulties. If there is any problem you can always talk to them and seek a solution rather than fighting with the. Never antagonise your landlord because it can end up in making your stay in the rented place a living nightmare.

8. Accessibility to and from

You don’t want to get stuck in a place that is too far away from your work, your partner’s work or your children/sibling’s school. Accessibility to and from your workplace has to be considered while looking for a rented place. Also, accessibility to the local supermarket, gas station, schools, vets, hospital and other such places of importance should be considered before finalising any agreement.

Another thing to consider is the accessibility to public transport, especially if you or anyone in your family use public transport on a regular basis.

So these are the tips that I can guarantee will help you in making the process of renting places in the US simple and organised.

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