Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Workshops or Classes For Students

Since the pandemic hit the world in early 2020, we all have been too dependent on the online learning system that is now a part of our daily routine. People of all ages and sex take up online classes and workshops to learn new skills, crafts, languages and to obtain some kind of education. But let us all be honest, we all, especially Indians, were not entirely prepared for this extreme transition to online workshops and classes and therefore when the time came, most found themselves to be ill-equipped in knowing what to do and what not to in these online sessions.

I am here with a handy guide of do’s and don’ts so that you won’t have to look around or wonder about what to do and what to not to before, during or after an online class/workshop/consultation or session.

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Do’s & Don’ts Of Online Workshop or Classes

1. Be Punctual

Make sure to log in 5-10 minutes before the class begins. Open the platform and wait for the instructor or an admin to log in and then join the group/meet.

2. Be Ready

Have your device – laptop or mobile, fully charged and possibly clutter-free (delete the unnecessary files or transfer them to a hard drive) so that it will run smoothly without heating up and won’t hang during your class.

Also, keep a backup device ready, just in case something goes wrong in the middle of the class with your device.

3. Be Presentable

Dress appropriately and be ready to switch on your camera at the last minute notice. Many times in online classes people get into awkward situations when the instructor asks the entire class to switch on their cameras.

Also, make sure to sit in a quiet place. If you have kids or pets at home, then sit in a room where you can shut the door and attend the class without being disturbed or worse disturbing the entire class.

4. Don’t be a ghost

Don’t ghost your online class. If you are late in joining the class then message the instructor personally to let them know that you will be late. It is considered impolite to join the meeting at any time without having previously informed the instructor.

5. Greet everyone and introduce yourself

Many times people forget their most distinguished etiquettes when we attend an online class, take special care not to do it. Imagine going to a physical workshop/class and greet others and introduce yourself just like you wind in an offline class.

6. Don’t take unnecessary breaks

All online classes have breaks in between so try and not take your own breaks because either you’ll end up missing out on some topic or you’ll delay the entire class. A couple of things you can do to prevent such situation are:
1) Go to the restroom just before the class begins so that you can sit comfortably in the class till the official break.
2) Sit with a bottle of water so that you won’t have to get up again and again for it.
3) Sit with a prepared cup of coffee and some light snacks so that you won’t have to get up for anything.

7. Don’t depend on the course notes

Keep a notebook and pen ready for taking down notes throughout the class. The class notes will contain only the most important information but there will be a million small things that the instructor might teach or cover or mention that you might find useful and important. So always take your notes.

8. Be responsive

Respond to the instructor with comments/messages such as ‘yes,’ ‘understood,’ ‘very well,’ etc. It helps the teacher in knowing that everyone is listening and understanding, especially when the cameras are off.

9. Don’t be rude

If you have a doubt or a question, wait for the teacher to finish speaking or explaining a topic and then drop a message saying you have a doubt. The teacher will ask you to ‘unmute’ yourself and ask. If not, then you can ‘unmute’ yourself after a topic is over, and say ‘excuse me sir/mam, I have a doubt/question.’

Don’t interrupt the teacher or the other students when they are talking or clearing doubts.

10. Don’t be distracted during the class

Don’t watch videos, serials or memes in the middle of the class. Be focused!

Remember these things and you’re all set to attend your next online workshop or class.

And don’t forget to wave ‘goodbye’ or say ‘bye and thank you’ before signing off from the class.

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