3-Day Free Workshop With Skill India, MESC and Vidya Daan

Hello guys, I am thrilled and elated to announce my 3-day workshop in association with Skill India, MESC India and Vidya Daan program.

Here are the details of this workshop:

Media & Entertainment Skills Council invites you for *Creative Warriors* online workshop, powered by *Vidyadaan* , on “Introduction to Fiction Writing” by *Ms. Heena R. Pradeshi,* a Fiction Author.

Date: 17-19 May 2021
Time:12:30 PM
Topic : Introduction to Fiction Writing
Registration Link: https://bit.ly/33GL6WB


*Day 1* 
– What is Fiction Writing 
– Different genres in Fiction Writing
– How to start writing stories
– How to find ideas and how to maintain them
– How to develop ideas for a story
– Fiction Writing elements
– Fiction Writing Tools

*Day 2* 
– How to plot a story
– Basics of plotting a story
– Description Vs Narration Vs exposition
– Characterisation in Fiction Writing 

*Day 3* 
– How to develop a writing habit 
– Importance of reading in fiction writing 
– Reading like a writer
– Writing concepts – Idea Journal, morning words, Writers’ block, Writing Rituals Etc.

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