Workshop Alert: Introduction To Fiction Writing (June 2021) 5-Day Workshop – India

Hello guys, I am back with another workshop as some students wanted me to have a morning batch for the last workshop. So here it is:

Details of the course:

Fees: Rs.1000 per student
Date: 1st June to 5th June
Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Platform: Zoom
Session recordings: Available on Request
Certification: by Citrus Publishers (upon completion of assignment)

Topics Covered:


  • Introduction to Creative Writing & Fiction Writing
  • Genres in literature
  • Discovering The Writer Within
  • Ways of writing and the best way to write
  • WHAT to write – finding and developing ideas
  • Important Terminologies
  • Important Literary Devices
  • Writing Styles
  • Literary Themes


  • Understanding Drafts
  • Importance of First Draft & Second Draft
  • Exposition, Narration & Point Of Views
  • Elements Of Fiction Writing
  • Tools Of Fiction Writing
  • Understanding Plotting a story
  • Elements of Plot Structure
  • Aristotle’s Basic Story Structure & 3 Traditional Plot Structures


  • Characterisation basics
  • Types of different characters
  • Character as per their narrative function
  • Character arcs
  • Inner Conflicts
  • Character Motivation and Stakes
  • Character Backstory
  • Profiling the characters


  • The technique of ‘Show, don’t Tell’
  • External conflict & Point Of Views
  • Dialogue writing basics
  • Understanding Pacing & Tension
  • Structuring a scene
  • Conflict, Resolution and Ending
  • Self-Revising
  • Self-Editing
  • My Story Framework


  • Elementary rules of Fiction Writing
  • How to improve your writing
  • Reading like a writer to improve your writing
  • Writing-Related Concepts: Freewriting, Morning Words or Pages, Blank Page Syndrome, Prompt-Writing, Idea Journal & Writing Rituals
  • Biggest Insecurities faced by Writers & Security Blanket For Writers
  • Techniques of planning: MindMapping and Brainstorming for Writing

Registration is free!

So register today and join the Workshop Group to start practicing the writing exercises with me!

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