CCW Flash Fiction #3: Music In Nature by Vanshika Sahu

Crazy Cat Writers’ Flash Fiction is a Monthly Flash Fiction Challenge, where we share 2 topics every month for writers to write stories upto 1500 words. We pick one winner on each topic and publish the winners for each topic on the Crazy Cat Writer blog on the 15th and the 30th of each month.

In order to participate, join our group Crazy Cat Writers on Telegram and submit your pieces at

Rules of participation:

  1. You have to be a part of Crazy Cat Writers Writing Group in order to be able to participate.
  2. The story can be on or revolve around the topic provided (it is okay even if you mention the topic in the story more than 5 times too without actually making it the focus.)
  3. The story has to be a creative fiction or non-fiction piece (NO ARTICLES)
  4. The story has to be under 1500 words.
  5. You can submit one story per topic only.
  6. Anyone can win multiple times if their stories are good.
  7. Please try to keep your stories PG 13. If they are not, then don’t forget to add warning of 18+ in advance.
  8. If your story has triggers or is about hard subject matters, then don’t forget to include a trigger warning.

Music In Nature

Tears were dripping from my eyes. Eventually I was lost in his thoughts, I was day dreaming about him. Five years of relationship ended in 5 second. I found myself in guilt and pain’s ride. Sometimes I thought heart breaks hurts the most. I felt lonely and lost again. Once again, I was at the same turn, I couldn’t find my path. I couldn’t move, all I was waiting for him to come back. But I had to choose a path – for my happiness; for myself.

I promised myself not to look back. I started ignoring my thoughts and grab the phone from side table. I started scrolling through it to unleash my pain. Eventually I played our favorite song, no matter how I tried not listen that. I played it for last time, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt the lyrics and my heartbeats started synchronized with melody. For a minute I was lost in it. I opened my eyes and found myself smiling. I felt fresh and alive once again.

I opened my laptop and started writing….

For me Music is feeling,

Feeling of being lost, 

Lost in thoughts of freedom,

Freedom from pain,

Pain of holding grudges,

Later I found music as a medicine,

Medicine given by nature,

Chirping birds, Dripping water,

Blowing winds and flowing river,

Music doesn’t belong to beats,

Real music found in deep dark World,

Where it brings lights and happiness,

I decided to kept in my mind,

Melodies in my Heartbeats,

AND lyrics in my soul….

About The Writer

Vanshika Sahu

I am law 3rd year law student and a part time content write. A small business owner of shri_aparajitha. Love to pen down my feelings. Currently, Working on fiction story.

You can find Ramcharan on:

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