WOW #46 – Word Of The Week

WOW – Word Of The Week is a weekly feature that I came up with in the year 2015 in order to learn new words and their meaning in the English language and improve my vocabulary.

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WOW #46 – Word Of The Week



Part Of Speech:




ah-pauh-thee-uh | /ˈapəθi/


  • lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
  • a lack of emotional interest

Related Phrases:


  • indifference
  • unconcern
  • passivity
  • detachment
  • lassitude
  • mopery
  • affectlessness
  • emotionlessness


  • enthusiasm
  • interest
  • passion

Phrases/Informal Synonyms:

Word Origin:

Early 17th century: from French apathie, via Latin from Greek apatheia, from apathēs ‘without feeling’, from a-‘without’ + pathos ‘suffering’.

Usage Note:

Use In Sentences:

  • This time around, election fever appears extremely subdued — partly because of the pandemic but also from an underlying apathy. –NYT
  • After his father’s demise he sank into apathy.
  • Her apathy lead to her divorce.
  • His apathy was the cause of his mental rehabilitation.

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