WOW #47 – Word Of The Week

WOW – Word Of The Week is a weekly feature that I came up with in the year 2015 in order to learn new words and their meaning in the English language and improve my vocabulary.

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WOW #47 – Word Of The Week



Part Of Speech:



Discordance (noun)


duh·skaw·dnt | /dɪˈskɔːd(ə)nt/


  • disagreeing or incongruous
  • (of sounds) harsh and jarring because of a lack of harmony
  • being at variance: Disagreeing
  • characterized by conflict

Related Phrases:

  • strike a discordant note — appear strange and out of place.
  • characterized by conflict


  • conflict
  • disaccord
  • discord
  • strife
  • variance
  • friction
  • infighting
  • inharmony
  • schism
  • cacophonous


  • harmonious
  • peace
  • concordance
  • musical
  • concord
  • harmony

Phrases/Informal Synonyms:

Word Origin:

Late Middle English: from Old French descordant, present participle of descorder (see discord).

Usage Note:

Use In Sentences:

  1. Something gave a loud discordant twang.
  2. The frightened cat gave a discordant shriek and jumped on top of the table.
  3. The discordant sound of the teacher’s high-pitched voice silenced the class.
  4. In the middle of the song, the piano player struck a discordant note and ruined the entire piece.

I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page:

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