Okay Or Not Okay?

People always want to know, especially the ones who care or at least think they care for you if you are okay or not. But what about what lies in between those two words. Most people don’t realise that they’re a whole world between those two ends and that more than half of the time a person is somewhere in between because the distance between those two peaks can take years or decades to cross.

When I was learning French early this year (I am not presently learning it as I am still awaiting the weekend bath for A2 level that should begin in another 2 months) I learned a beautiful expression – Comme ci, comme ça (pronounced as kum-sih, kum-sah) which means okay-okay/like this, like that. This is exactly how I respond to this seemingly vague question.

If you actually care about someone, they why ask this at all, why not ask, ‘What’s happening?’ or better yet ‘What’s really going on in your life?’

I think answering these questions would be far more convenient than answering in just ‘okay or not okay.’

What do you think?

2 responses to “Okay Or Not Okay?”

  1. Huh, I’d heard people say ‘Comme ci, comme ça’ before but I never knew what it stood for. I guess when people ask me if I’m okay I feel more inclined to lie and say ‘I’m fine.’ When I’m OBVIOUSLY not doing well asking ‘what’s wrong’ might be more direct.

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    • Glad that you know what ‘Comme ci, comme ça’ means.
      I used to incline towards lying too because explaining seems like much of a task but now I just use this expression whit the people who aren’t close to me that much.

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