An Ode To Winter

I am a hopeless winter person – you know, when a person goes overboard with sweaters, hoodies and hauling around shawls everywhere they go even when it’s just chilly, wearing socks while sleeping and using a heater at night to warm my cold feet. I know I am not the only one so I decided to write this piece in order to give a shoutout to all those beautiful people who love, adore and cherish winters as much as I do.

An Ode To Winter

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I open my eyes from a hazy dream which is slinking off into oblivion as I slowly wake up when something cold brushes on my right cheek. As I sit up, pushing around the white cloud-like comforter, a light chilly breeze grazes my cheeks and nose again making me shiver convulsively. I look around trying to clear my head from the faraway dream that I cannot recall anymore and feel the mild onset of heaviness from the middle of my nose to the top of my head as the chill settles in and around my sinuses. Mr. Snuffles, one of my two cats, jumps up on the bed and rubs his warm body against my hands asking for scratches. I indulge him for a few minutes and then get out of bed not sure if I even want to wake up yet. I look at the digital clock which shows 5:12 am right as my feet meet the wooden floor. The cold pierces through the bare skin of my feet and jolts me completely awake. I smile to myself letting the cold make its way to my ankles, calves and knees. I stand up and shuffle towards the half-open bedroom window, Mr. Snuffles following behind me diligently. As I reach the window and draw the sheer curtain back, a strong gust of cold breeze slams against my face. I freeze in my place as the shock of the cold settles in my mind and my heart begins to swell with happiness – winter is here!

I forget the headache as it becomes a distant dull throb and shuffling back to the bed-side shove my feet into the fuzzy fluffy slippers that were a birthday present from my father. Then I make my way to my armoire, yanking it open and fish out a hand-knitted chunky-yarn pale blue shawl. It is an oversized shawl, almost as big as a blanket, and wrap it around myself. As its warmth envelops me and the soft yarn brushes against my cheeks and the bare skin of my arms, I revel in the feeling that reminds me of being hugged by my mother. Tightening the shawl around me, I go to the study room which looks over the garden in the front. I yank open the curtains, my hands trembling just a little with anticipation, and what I see fills my heart with such joy that I forget everything – the late phone call of Rudra calling off our engagement, the nasty fight we had after it and the tears that soaked my pillow wet before I slept.

A wave of contentment settles over me that I haven’t known or felt in a long, long time. It’s still dark outside but I can see the faint glow of the rising sun slowly and steadily coming into view from atop the Gulmohar tree on the right-hand side of my lawn. I stand here in awe as the chirping of the birds gets louder and the leaves of the trees start to rustle with activity. Mr. Snuffles walks round and round in loops around my feet, trying to warm himself from the heat of my legs, The sun keeps rising ever so slowly as the world around us wakes up from their lazy dreams and cosy beds.

Ms. Buttercup, my older cat, stretches on her bed on my study table and leaps from it to come to me before settling on the faux fur of one of my slippers. Both Mr. Snuffles and Ms Buttercup are purring with as much content as I feel from being a part of this beautiful morning. I sit down carefully in front of the big window and they both rub their backs against me showering me with affection. I scratch their backs as one of them settles in the crook of my folded legs, settling in the cosy warmth of my shawl and the other one besides me, resting her head on my knee.

Their purrs of gratification and the cheerful chirping of the birds make my heart sing. And we all welcome the winter with love into our lives. I let out. along, lazy sigh and thank the Universe for everything I want and need to be happy because it is right here in this room with me.

Featured Image by 165106 from Pixabay.

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