Coffee Conversations Ep. 07 with Peggy Race

Listen to this heartwarming episode of my podcast where I talk to Author Peggy Race an ardent dog lover, advocate and rescuer from Southeastern Wisconsin, United States, about how writing her memoirs helped her deal with the loss of her beloved husband and her precious rescue dog, Desiree, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog from Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.

Author Peggy also shares how joining a writing workshop and getting her work critiqued and looked at by a professional writer helped her in her own journey providing insights into the writing process of her own heartfelt memoir.

Ep.10: Coffee Conversations with Author Heena with Guest Author E.T. McNamara Coffee Conversations With Author Heena Pardeshi

Listen to this straight-from-the-shoulder episode of my podcast, Coffee Conversations with Author Heena, where I talk to author E.T. McNamara, an accomplished historical romance writer, who has an extremely varied background including being a police supervisor, a criminal investigator, a SWAT team member, a supervising court clerk, and the court official in charge of New York City’s night courts. He has also served as a United States Marine Corps reservist, a district assistant manager for a major insurance company, and a NASDAQ registered representative.Author McNamara began his writing career after retiring from years of serving in the public sector. He attended St. John’s University and Rollins College, attaining his degree in economics and doing post-graduate work in financial management. He enjoys creating a believable story and developing characters with whom his readers can identify. He believes that if the readers feel better after reading the story than before, he will have achieved his objective.His other interests include landscape photography, where he has received national recognition for his work. BONUS: Author McNamara believes that all the positions that he had worked in have provided him with real-life experiences to incorporate into his novels. You can connect with author McNamara on his Website, Amazon and GoodreadsYou can find his historical romance novel Fate's Final Destiny: A Novel of Love, Betrayal, Heroism, and Devotion here: Amazon, Goodreads and The Reading BudAnd his book Puzzle Pieces here: Amazon and Goodreads__________________________________________________________________________________________For more, you can follow me on Instagram at @CrazyCatWriter, find out more about me, my books and my EDITING SERVICES at my author website: Or follow my bookish journey of reading more than 100 books every year at my Book Blog: The Reading Bud.You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel or follow me on TwitterFollow me on: Instagram: @CrazyCatWriter Author Website: Book Blog: The Reading Bud YouTube Channel: @Crazy Cat Writer Twitter: @CrazyCatWriter Facebook: @CrazyCatWriter
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Join us on this fantastic, thought-proving and encouraging episode where you’ll definitely find a lot of inspiration not only for writing, and finding a mentor to help you finish your book but also understand the parallel worlds of animal activism that need your support.

BONUS: Find out how writing can help one deal with the loss of a loved one and help heal a mourning heart if not completely but to a great extent.

You can listen to the Podcast HERE:


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