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Hello there, my name is Heena and I am the creator and admin of The Reading Bud, aka TRB. I am a writer & manuscript critic by profession and an avid reader by passion. I live with my very handsome husband, Vishal, who buys me all the books I can ever read in a lifetime, and my two beautiful, adorable and feisty cats, Eva and Katie, the best accountability partner any writer can dream of (Eva is a pretty strict Editor too.)

I am a published author but book reviewing is pretty close to my heart as that is how my writing started. I love penning down my thoughts on all the books I can get my hands on and love sharing it with others. In the same way, I love reading book reviews and that is mostly how I decide whether to read a book or not (but of course the book cover matters too 😉

You can read more about my debut novel, Deceivedhere. If you want to connect with me for some bookish gossip and nerdy conversations then I can be found here:

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TRB – The Reading Bud

The Reading Bud is a book blog and a cosy hangout for all the bookworms, dragons and whatever being you consider yourself to be! Here you will find a continuous stream of book reviews, ARC reviews, audiobook reviewsgraphic novel reviews, author interviews, guest posts, cover reveals, excerpt reveals and other bookish posts.

At TRB, we review books that we read – these include the books we buy, issue from libraries, requested from NetGalley or the ones offered to us by authors and publishers for review. We also do paid reviews here (only when we are really constricted for time) as well as on other websites and some magazines.

We respect authors and publishers alike and believe in helping the book community as much as we can!

We’re also closely related to RMFAO, Goodreads group, or as we like to call it, our online Book Club. I am the main moderator (and founder) of RMFAO too, so TRB and RMFAO are essentially siblings. If you’re on Goodreads then do check out RMFAO as we host a lot of reading challenges there.

The Reading Bud has a significant online presence and enjoys the luxury of having its own snazzy accounts. You can have  a look at all of them here:

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If you want to promote your book or are looking for an author interview and/or guest post host, then read more about our book promotion service here: TRB Book Promotions

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“I was very impressed and pleased with all my interactions with The Reading Bud. When I initially contacted Heena requesting a review of my YA horror novel, Sisters of Sorrow, she was polite and professional. Specifically, she replied to my emails promptly. She made her expectations clear and her instructions specific and easy to follow.
I felt that Heena evaluated my book with an open mind. She took her time to understand the story rather than rushing through it in order to post a review and get on to the next book. I appreciate that, a lot. Her review was thorough and highly detailed. She posted it at Amazon, Goodreads, and several other important forums. I could not have been happier.”
– by Axel Blackwell, author of Sisters Of Sorrow.

“I have given all my books to The Reading Bud in exchange for an honest review. My dealings with Heena have always been professional and friendly. I am also very gratefully to the reviewer, Heather for the time and energy she put into evaluating my stories. I highly recommend The Reading Bud.”
– A.J. York, author of Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story

“Whether you are a reader or a publisher, The Reading Bud is a place as good as any if you are looking for professional and well-thought-out reviews.”
– Peter Öberg, Editor at Affront Publishing

“As the author of seven novels, I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of bloggers. Few have proved more pleasant, professional, and thorough as Heena. She brings knowledge, perspective, and enthusiasm to each review, not to mention a mastery of the language that is impressive in its own right. The Reading Bud is the best!”
– John A. Heldt, author ofThe Mine

“I was really impressed with the level of insight Heena put into the review. As a writer, it was valuable feedback, but as a reader, it was exactly the type of information I’d love to know before diving into a new book. The experience was both creative and refreshing.”
– Sarah M. Cradit, author of The House of Crimson & Clover series

“Submitting my book to the Reading Bud was a breeze, and Heena was prompt, professional, and very easy to work with. I sent her a paperback copy of my novel, and she let me know as soon she received it, even posting a picture to Instagram for a little extra exposure.
Her review of my novel was thorough and insightful, and she posted it to all of the usual suspects: Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter. Browsing through her website, it quickly became clear that Henna gives the same attention to detail to all of the books she reviews. Truly a world-class asset to authors and readers alike.”
– Joseph John, author of The Eighth Day

“What a pleasure it has been working with The Reading Bud. Professional, caring and intelligent. A great blog site.”
A.P. McGrath, author of A Burning In The Darkness

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