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I am an editor, scriptwriter and literary analyst.

My name is Heena Rathore-Pardeshi and I am from Indore, MP, who has been living in Pune for almost 20 years now. So I identify as a Puneite though I love Indori foods with all my heart and can speak better Hindi than Marathi 🙂

I have a degree in English Literature and have studied 3D Animation & Film Making. I started writing stories when I was very young but the death of my grandfather (a barrister who completed his law education in London) and lack of encouragement thereafter led me to keep my stories and imagination to myself. But it wasn’t all bad as it helped my mind expand in a way I could never have imagined.

I am a Science student, unlike what most people think, and I was almost on my way to becoming an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer. I was in the 2nd Year E&Tc JSPM College Pune, 4th Semester when I finally decided to leave engineering and follow my heart.

So that was when my creative side took over the logical side and I took the path rarely ever taken, especially in Indian families. I left my dysfunctional and already broken-up family behind and perused my passion for creative art.

After that, I got my second degree (this time in literature), read extensively from AKG to Proust, and started writing. I then took it upon myself to learn the ins and outs of creative writing and my brilliant brain that everyone had believed was meant to be an engineer did not disappoint as I was able to learn extensively, with the help from Universities like Harvard, Yale and the University of Queensland.

The girl who once belonged to a a sleepy town where everyone knew her because of her elite family is now living a good life away from her past in a very big city having created an identify of her own knowing 4 languages, French and Spanish included and knows more about English, American, French and Greek literature, than she ever thought possible.

I also teach creative writing to those writers who are passionate about writing but do not know the technicalities of writing a novel.

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