These are some of the questions that are asked to me quite frequently. If you have any questions for me that hasn’t already been answered here then feel free to Contact me or drop in a mail at contact@heenarathorep.com.

When did you start writing?

I started writing in early 2014. To know how I started writing, please read this post where I’d answered this question in detail: How I Started Writing.

How many novels have you written?

I’m writing my second novel presently, so that makes it 2. The first one is Deceived (after a lot of shuffling the tentative publishing date for it is set for December this year) and the second one is Sinister Town (I’m working on a deadline for this one which has been set by my publisher and it has to be completed by December as it’ll be going under publication in or around January 2017.)

Do you write non-fiction?

I haven’t written non-fiction yet, but I might in future. And I’m pretty sure on what topic I’ll be writing a non-fic book (if at all) – Fiction Writing.

Do you mentor other writers? How?

Yes, I do help (or mentor) other writers, especially new ones. I receive a lot of query e-mails as I’m really active on Quora, so I help writers by providing detailed answers to all their queries (related to novel writing or plot build-ups) and even by helping them getting started. I also read their works and provide constructive feedback (first as a reader, and then as a writer.) I help with writing technicalities too.

I’m also a part of Critique Groups on writing websites and Facebook so I critique works of fellow authors and writers there as well (as time permits.)

Do you write full time?

Yes. Fortunately for me, my husband is very well to do and he earns more than enough for us to lead a comfortable and happy life. Hence, I spend my days doing what I love the most – Reading and Writing… and revising and editing and socializing on the internet… and emailing and designing stuff and, of course, taking care of my husband.

Do you provide any services for other writers?

Yes. I’ve recently acquired education in Social Media Marketing and I’ve already started working with a publication house as their in-house Social Media Strategist. But I accept projects from clients directly too. I mainly provide 2 services: Social Media Strategising and Social Media Managing.

For more details, you can request a quote at contact@heenarathorep.com

What is your normal everyday routine?

I like to begin my day early (at least I try to 90% of the time) because I write my best between 5:00 am – 7:00 am. So I write for at least an hour in the morning. It is then followed by gratitude practices, yoga or walk/jog, bath, breakfast, emails and social media, more writing, lunch, emails, and social media (for clients), evening tea, reading, yoga (again!), dinner, movies or Netflix followed by reading and then straight to bed (around 11:00 pm.)

I rarely cook as I am blessed with a Cook who takes care of that, and another Maid who comes every day to do the dishes, cleaning, moping, and everything else.

Do you have other blogs?

Yes, I have 2 other blogs – The Reading Bud and The Baking Bud. I started these blogs in 2014 and they’ve taught me all that I know about blogging. TRB is where I post book reviews requested by authors from around the world. I’m active there presently and try to post at least 4 times a month (or more specifically, 4 reviews a month.)

But to my heart’s discontent, due to being busy in writing and other things, I’ve grown distant from TBB. The last time I posted there was almost a year ago. Still, I’m not going to part ways with it permanently and will keep it going for as long as I blog by posting there once or twice a year. After all, The Baking Bud is my first blog baby.

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