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Having been part of the industry comes with a lot of perks, but the one obvious disadvantage is that many times I am asked to “have a look” at someone’s work and asked to “share my opinion” about some work in progress or an idea in general.

I, of course, try to do as much as I can in whatever time I get out of my own writing, reading, blogging, preparing for lectures, workshops, videos and vlogs and my personal life. But as you can see my time is very constricted and I literally get no free time as I refuse to let go of my work which happens to be the thing I love most in my life (of course after my husband and fur-babies.)

Online Writing Consultation helps me spend time working on or looking at other’s works without stealing away much of my time and making sure that I get something in return for doing so. It is not a very common practice in India, but because of the COVID-19 situation, people are now more considerate about the online consultations and this is where this service comes in.

What is an online consultation?

Online consultations are like face-to-face consultations but over your computer. To schedule an online appointment with me, your Writing Consultant, simply fill out the form at the end of this page or shoot me an email at

For Writing Consultations I use two platforms – Skype and Google Meet. Make sure that you have either of the two apps (if you’ll be consulting using your phone) or the websites open in your browser (if you’ll be using a computer or laptop) and to set up your internet/wi-fi connection before your session.

The writing consultations are divided into 3 categories according to what they offer.


Discussion Consultation

Discussion Consultations are 1-hour sessions in which you can discuss anything you want at any stage of the writing process from creating the outline to the final draft. I can work with you on clarity and coherence, development of your argument and conflict (central as well as internal character conflict,) and offer strategies to strengthen your structure or express your voice.

Please make sure you submit me details about your project while booking a Discussion Consultation.

Appointment for this needs to be booked 3 days in advance.


Feedback Consultation

Feedback Consultations can be an hour or only half an hour-long sessions in which you can request detailed feedback on your write-ups (up to 10,000 words only.) Feedback Consultation will have to be booked in advance. These sessions would depend on the number of words

  • Less than 5K words – 30 minutes session
  • More than 5K words – 1-hour session

Appointment for this needs to be booked 2 weeks in advance (after the submission of the write-up)


Lecture Consultation

Lecture Consultation are 1-hour sessions in which you can learn any one topic of your choice per session. I will be teaching you as much as I can in that one-hour session. Some topics can be finished within one hour (such as Point Of Views, Settings, Character Arcs, Internal Conflicts etc.) but certain elaborate topics may require more than one session to finish (such as Story Plot, Plot Structures, Dialogues, Overall Characterisation, etc.)

Appointment for this needs to be booked 1 week in advance

How to prepare for the consultation session?

  • Send the details in advance – the name of the topic for discussion, your write-up for feedback or the name of the topic for the lecture.
  • Pay for the consultation in advance once your appointment is confirmed.
  • Set up your computer/laptop or phone 15 minutes before the time of the appointment. Make sure that the internet connection is good. I will be sending you an email reminder or a WhatsApp reminder half an hour before the consultation.
  • Keep in touch throughout the process through WhatsApp or email.

Please note: All the consultations are strictly confidential and the information discussed, revealed or taught in these sessions will remain private.


1/2-hour consultation session
  • Add-on session would cost you ₹600 per half an hour.

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