Praise For Deceived – Authors:

“The novel Deceived by Heena Rathore is a true page turner especially if you are a mystery lover. The story hooks you right from the beginning. A family is brutally murdered and the sole suspect is a little girl that has disappeared. Suspense is created by expertly weaving the tale between the past and present. This had me wondering all along the way how things were going to tie together. The principal characters were emotionally three-dimensional and connected to one another in unforeseen ways. I found myself feeling as if I knew them but wary with suspicions. These subtle nuances left a trail I wanted to follow. All of this led to a well thought out climax where all of my questions were answered. But like any excellent tale, I was left clamoring for more. Let’s hope Miss Rathore does just that and writes another. Kudos to a job well-done.”

D.A. Pupa, author of The Magician


“Gripping and fast-paced, Heena Rathore’s story grabbed me from the start and wouldn’t let me rest until I turned the last page. In this psychological thriller, the author cleverly interweaves past and present, and the travails of her characters touched the emotional strings of my heart. A must read for any thriller and mystery buff.”

Olga Godim, author of Eagle En Garde


“DECEIVED tells a twisting tale of revenge and trauma. It explores the darkest corners of the human soul by placing the reader inside the minds of killers and their victims. It tells the story of two girls, separated by decades but united in trauma, and how it shaped their futures. As the pieces of this compelling mystery begin to fall into place, you realize you can never truly know anyone. A lesson one is not likely to forget after finishing this novel.”

Priscila Santa Rosa, author of the Those Who Remain trilogy


“I knew from the onset that Heena Rathore’s new novel, DECEIVED, was special. A consummate wordsmith, it’s very apparent Heena painstakingly took her time with this masterpiece. Combining magical prose with breathtaking imagery, Heena immediately drew me into the story…
…Wow, what an ingenious plot. I was stunned into silence upon learning that all is not what it seemed and not everyone is who you think they are. The shocking bloody ending will make your hair stand on end.”

Alretha Thomas, author of the Detective Rachel Storme series


“Chilling, suspenseful, and fast-paced, Heena Rathore’s debut novel is a nonstop, hang-on-to-your-hat thrill ride. I would recommend DECEIVED to any fan of the genre.”

John A. Heldt, author of the critically acclaimed Northwest Passage and American Journey series


“Heena Rathore’s debut novel is a brilliant psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very last page. Her heroine, Allison Stone, is a deeply flawed protagonist with a troubled past who is equal parts tragic and compelling. I found myself rooting for her every step of the way.”

Joseph John, author of The Eighth Day


Sit back and prepare for a rollercoaster ride as Heena Rathore takes you on a wild journey. Allison Stone struggles with the deaths of her mother and brother, a horrific crime she just can’t seem to understand. But when she reunites with her cousin Steve, the investigation into her family’s killer takes unexpected twists and turns. The novel provides a clever juxtaposition between past and present, winding and turning until you reach the climactic, surprising end. DECEIVED is a “must read’ for thriller lovers and a brilliant debut for Rathore!

Erin Rhew, Author of The Fulfillment Series 


Praise for Deceived – Reviewers:

“The author has managed to not only keep the reader guessing until the very end but it also managed to give me the creeps every now and then. The story is mingled with flashbacks and Rathore has very cleverly managed to keep the reader wondering where it all fits together. I have read quite a few crime and psychological thrillers and I think I’m qualified enough to say that this one makes up to all the hype that it has created, even before its launch. The writing style is easy, engrossing, detailed and engaging without actually dragging or going overboard with the murder and gore.

…it has managed to make a thriller reader like me happy for this is miles ahead of its Indian counterparts.”

Shelly Bajwa


“Deceived is one of those books that you’ll read and finish but the story itself and the thoughts you had about it will linger in your mind and continue to amaze and horrify you for a long time afterwards. If you ask me, that’s precisely makes a novel of any genre attractive and praise-worthy…
…The author slowly feeds us hungry readers with bits and pieces of information that only manage to make the story more compelling and raise more questions than before! So naturally, I had to stay up all night- half terrified- trying to finish the book before I went insane due to all the suspense!”

Maya Zada


“In terms of being a psychological thriller itself, the book was on point keeping the suspense right until the end and finishing with some dark and twisted result and a few unanswered questions that only make me as a reader marvel and draw own conclusions regarding the ambiguity of it all.”

Rashmit Mishra


“The author has a clever way of getting her words across. I found her writing to be easy to follow along and enjoyable to read…
…I found this novel to be enjoyable and edge-of-your-seat gripping. The writing style and POVs really made the novel what it is and the killer was crafted so well.”

Rachel Poli


“A very engaging read with lifelike characters. I was 100% invested into the story. Some things I guessed half right, but couldn’t confirm them until the very end…
A quality read and a book I’ll surely remember for a long time.”

– Rêvvâ Tênâg


“The suspense was gripping and the pace intensified with each turn of the page. I thought I had it all figured out and then something else would come up that changed my mind. It kept me guessing. The author did a great job of pulling it all together. That’s the best part of this book.”

Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill


“A wonderful book that was hard to put down. “

Heather Fellows


A bone-chilling, blood-curdling thriller.
A must-read for all the thriller lovers!

Emily Green


I guess we’ve got ourselves an Indian Gillian Flynn here.
Loved the book, the psychological aspect for me was 10/10 and the storytelling skills of the author are exceptionally good. I’ll be on the lookout for more books by this author.

Vincent Pablo

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