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1. A free downloadable copy of my Short e-book – Writing Manifesto (3rd Edition)

You can download your free copy here!

Just click on the above image to be directed to the downloadable PDF file.

After you’ve read the book don’t forget to let me know what you think about it in the comments section below or you can drop me a line at to let me know what you think about this book.

2. 50% off my book Deceived!

Simply email me with the code DECEIVEDSubscriber50 and get my book on flat 50% off the current price.
What’s more? You can even request an autographed copy!! Just mention so in the email and send it to alternatively you can WhatsApp me the code on 7875494400.

3. Beta Reader Non-Disclosure Agreement

While working with Beta Readers, it is always a good practice to safeguard your manuscript in order to avoid issues later on. I highly suggest it whether you get the Beta Reading done by someone you know or don’t. Getting a sign on this agreement will help you keep your manuscript secure.

Download the PDF version of the Beta Reader Non-Disclosure Agreement here.

2. 8 Steps To Develop A Reading Habit

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