Ruined Dreams (Jessie #2)

Jessie: Story About A Girl is a contemporary fiction short story series based on the theme of love and family. Each part of this story is written for the photo prompts at Describli. Ruined Dreams Genre: Contemporary Fiction   “I love someone else,” one sentence that changed everything – my dreams, my expectations and, most of all, myContinue reading “Ruined Dreams (Jessie #2)”

Being Unconventional

Life is too short to worry about each and everything that we do. Sometimes it’s liberating to ditch what people think is the correct way to live… Being unconventional makes you feel free, well atleast it makes me feel free! Being an Indian one might think that I’m totally surrounded by orthodox people, but that’sContinue reading “Being Unconventional”

Guest-Post: Dealing With Negative Feelings – Make A Change!

Hi guys! Please welcome today’s Guest-Blogger, Erika Kind: The author of I’m Free and several other amazing books, she also has a practice for aromatherapy and self-development. Erika is the sweetest and the most inspiring person I’ve ever known. She’s a great friend and an even better guide! I love reading her motivating posts on her amazing blogContinue reading “Guest-Post: Dealing With Negative Feelings – Make A Change!”

My Father

I know what you all might be thinking… ‘well, this is new!’ Yes, this is indeed new. This is actually the first time ever I’ve written a poem. I don’t know anything about writing a poem, so please don’t start sending me hate letters! I wasn’t able to sleep yesterday night (because it was my dad’sContinue reading “My Father”