My Father

I know what you all might be thinking… ‘well, this is new!’ Yes, this is indeed new. This is actually the first time ever I’ve written a poem. I don’t know anything about writing a poem, so please don’t start sending me hate letters! I wasn’t able to sleep yesterday night (because it was my dad’sContinue reading “My Father”

Love, roses and pot-pourri!

Hey everyone! We went to an amazing Travel Fest on Sunday and had an amazing day there inquiring and planning travel to various places we had in mind for the next year, including, Rann Of Kutch, Himalayas of Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal, Andaman and Nicobar and of-course, Europe. To end the perfect we went out for dinnerContinue reading “Love, roses and pot-pourri!”

Rediscovering My Love of Drawing

My love for drawing started when I was a year old. I started by scribbling on the walls and floors. As I grew I started to use drawing books, pencils, crayons, sketch pens and then finally brushes and paints. By the time I was in 5th grade, everyone used to think I’ll also be anContinue reading “Rediscovering My Love of Drawing”