Monthly Updates: May 2019

Hello guys and welcome to my Monthly Updates post series. The month of May wasn’t the best month I’ve had so far in the year because Vishal got sick and was bed-ridden for the most part of the month. He’s still not well, but his recovery is steady and hopefully he’ll completely recover in anotherContinue reading “Monthly Updates: May 2019”

Monthly Updates: April’19

Hello, dear readers. I missed March Monthly Updates post but didn’t want to miss April as well, therefore, I thought that even though I am a bit late I’ll go ahead and do a quick update post. Writing: I participated in Camp NaNo with a target of 30K words, but all I managed to writeContinue reading “Monthly Updates: April’19”

Monthly Updates: February’19

And finally, I’m doing the monthly Updates post after a long, long time. I loved doing these posts before and I’m really excited to do it now. To be honest, these update posts help me in knowing exactly where I stand in terms of my writing and helps me plan ahead serving as the much-needed motivation.Continue reading “Monthly Updates: February’19”

Quick Updates – #amwriting

I had planned for 2 short stories and 1 article on Writing to post in through April and May, but unfortunately, things got in the way (as they usually do) and I completely forgot about the drafts (some half-baked some ready to go up) sitting patiently on my dashboard. I thought I’ll get back toContinue reading “Quick Updates – #amwriting”

Month End Updates: February’17

Hello, everyone. This is a monthly post in which I share about my writing, reading and life in general. My month in: WRITING– I wrote 31,225 words for Sinister Town’s 2nd draft. I planned and outlined the entire book again and now have a clearer and a much better understanding of the plot. Made some majorContinue reading “Month End Updates: February’17”

Month End Updates: August’16

Hello, everyone. This is a monthly post in which I share about my writing, reading and life in general. My month in: WRITING– I’m done with the Developmental Editing of Deceived. We’ll be starting with Substantive Editing in 2 weeks. I finally(!) have a date for when I’ll have my ARCs in my hand –Continue reading “Month End Updates: August’16”

Month End Updates: July’16 (A Short Post)

Hello, all my lovely readers and friends 🙂 This month was the busiest one so far! I did a lot of exciting things and I finally figured out what was going wrong with the story I was working on, so it was a really good one for me. My month in: WRITING– I’m almost doneContinue reading “Month End Updates: July’16 (A Short Post)”

Month End Updates: June’16

Hello, all my lovely readers and friends 🙂 This month has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I wrote like a maniac for some days, but some days I had to struggle to get even a single word out. I managed to read a few books while doing JuNoWriMo and in my off daysContinue reading “Month End Updates: June’16”

Month End Updates: May’16

Hello, all my lovely readers and friends 🙂 This month has been the most important one so far this year, yet it was also a lot fun. Read on to get to know about THE BIG NEWS!!! My month in: WRITING– I worked with my editor on the first round of edits for the firstContinue reading “Month End Updates: May’16”

Month End Update: April’16

Hello all the lovely readers! This month has been a really tough one, mostly because I completed the first round of editing of my book. My month in: WRITING– I completed the first round of editing. And as soon as I did, I was like: Outlined Sinister Town in detail. Won Camp NaNo April [60KContinue reading “Month End Update: April’16”

Month End Update: March’16

Hello guys, It’s been a long month and I hope that you all were able to do the things you wanted to do for this month. My month in: Writing– I wrote a fresh outline for Sinister Town and presently I’m tweaking it. Reading– Baggage by S.G. Redling – 4/5 The Eighth Day by JosephContinue reading “Month End Update: March’16”