“What I most appreciate about the work Heena did for my book as the developmental editor was sharing her brilliant ideas for developing the book, making it complete and enjoyable to read. For me, the best change implemented by her in my project is the improvement of sentences and other grammatical corrections throughout the manuscript. Heena adds big value to the project by advising substantial improvements to the story. During discussions, she helped me to make valuable changes in my decisions over certain points.
Working with Heena will enhance the quality of anyone’s project/manuscript in terms of even the most fundamental ideas in addition to the grammatical, linguistic and syntactical corrections. I wish Heena Rathore-Pardeshi a brilliant future and career ahead.”

Bhaskar A Reddy
Retd IRS & Intelligence officer, author of Banapuram to Burma (yet to be released)
(Autobiography, Memoir, Inspirational)

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Heena. She is honest, clear in her recommendations, works extremely hard to help her clients, has an extensive knowledge (in her field) and obviously loves books. Heena helped enormously with all aspects of my book. In particular, she did an amazing job with her suggestion to focus on two central characters in some scenes instead of bringing too many to the fore. Also, I loved her suggestions to make the scenes in the meadow more exciting and eventful. I appreciated the detailed critique report that Heena provided for my book, Curse of Time, Golden Healer. It included many elements, which were clearly laid out: a summary, individual elements for improvement of the story, plot structure, characters, writing and narration, conflicts, exposition, imagery, dialogue, pacing, and world building. There was also a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter critique which was followed by a critique notes suggestion list. Heena also added a section addressing queries and uncertainties. There was also a concluding section and a marketing side report with advice on genre assessment, target audience, and marketability.

M.J. Mallone
Author of Golden Healer, Curse Of Time series
(Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, UK, European Fantasy)

I appreciate Heena’s honesty and open-mindedness in sharing feedback and the depth at which she went to understand the book’s concept which is very necessary for editing. The imagery that was induced in the book during editing was the best thing about her service; Heena pushed me to give my audience a sense of a movie running through in heads while reading my book. While working with Heena I learnt how to think from a reader’s perspective.
The ease of sharing feedback and agreeing, or disagreeing, to make the editing changes is something I would love to have again. The transparent relationship of author and editor between us has made me more comfortable to share my thoughts with Heena and receive hers. Its like a book by some kind of partnership.
Her honesty and open-mindness
I am looking forward to working with her again on my next book.”

Meet Shah
Author of A Woke Indian
(Thriller, Contemporary Fiction, Corporate, Socio-Political)

“What I appreciate most about the work we did together was the detailed analysis of my work by Heena. I feel so good that I share my novels with her and am confident that I’ll get a fair assessment of my novel. She always gets a structured understanding of my novel and provides a detailed chapter analysis, which is really helpful. 
In working with Heena, I’ve learnt the Show vs Tell issue; it gets difficult for me to know where I’m going wrong with it, but her guidance helps me improve this part. I just want to thank her for the work she has done on my books so far.
I feel it is important for me to consider her analysis for every piece of work I write.”

Shiv A. Kapoor
Author of Prem Says Yes To Shaadi
(Contemporary Indian Fiction)(Archeological Fiction, Children’s Fiction)

“Heena is a thorough professional, always sticking to the timelines and being quick and clear in her responses. Her detailed feedback and relentless editing helped me polish my story. The editing retains the style and essence of what and how you want to write, but in a better way. I really enjoyed working with her.”

Ranjana Joshi
Author of The Crimson Party
(Thriller, Mystery, Detective Series)

Working with Heena was an overall wonderful learning experience. She is a brilliant editor and a wonderful person. I chose her for my book’s editing, which included developmental + substantial editing. The process helped me to develop my story. With Heena’s guidance, I was able to overcome all the loopholes in my story. She not only edits well but also guides with her whole heart. She is sincere, honest, a good listener and an excellent guide. I strongly recommend her.

Priyanka Ranadive
Author of the Little Netra series
(Archeological Fiction, Children’s Fiction)

… I am so satisfied that I am going to re-engage her on a follow-up gig to take a look at the revised work as well. Great value. Highly recommend.”

Kyle Elliot
Genre: Suspense-Thriller

Heena’s critique was very comprehensive, careful and true… I am very happy with her critique and very confident.”

Andre Costa
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I was greatly encouraged by her report and I understood the points she made perfectly. I would certainly like to work with Heena in future.”

Simon Hazelden
Genre: Fantasy

Fantastic! Finally, after many attempts to find a professional editor to work with. Look no further, this gig is it!”

Donna Starrett
Genre: Children’s Fantasy

I’ve made changes as suggested by her and now my story makes a lot more sense. I feel confident about the story now. The best part about her critique is that she has pointed out minor issues as well.”

Girish Advani,
author of Prem Says Yes to Shaadi
Genre: Contemporary Drama

Heena is the best. She’s involved in the industry so her reviews, comments and suggestions are extremely helpful and on point. She’s also really pleasant, thorough and constructive – very easy to work with.”

– Kyle Eliot
(for the revised draft of his manuscript)
Genre: Suspense-Thriller

Her critique report bristled with professional knowledge and ideas and left no doubt about the hard work she’s put into it. She’s figured out the main issues of my story and provided so many good suggestions that now I feel like I owe her more than what I paid for her service.”

– Rosalie R C Masch
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy 

Heena I have been meaning to tell you how grateful I am for your feedback…Thank you again, you were the perfect choice to read my work.”

XXXXXX (pseudonym), 
author of Asylum Residentt, a Surreal Journey Inside a Young Psycho’s Soul.
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Dark Fiction

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