About me

An award-winning author (English language), I am a literary editor and script writer, editor and critic who has worked with many writers and authors from India and abroad, including the US, UK, Europe, the Caribbean countries and the Scandinavian Countries. I have a degree in English Literature and have acquired certifications (with honours) from Harvard University (in Ancient & Modern World Literature), Yale University (in Human Psychology) and the University of Queensland, (in English Grammar and Style.) Presently I am pursuing Greek Literature at Harvard University.

I am a freelance editor and screenplay writer and a 60% of my client-base is American media houses and studios. I undertake manuscripts (both fiction & non-fiction) and screenplay editing projects as well. I bring my keen sense of storytelling, expertise in the craft of narrative structure and wide experience of having studied stories my entire life to the table, helping authors and writers successfully translate their vision of the stories onto the page.

In my free time, I read extensively, over a hundred books a year, and love spending time with my seven rescued cats.

My Services

Book Editing

I provide all kinds of editing services including Developmental Editing, Substantive Editing, Copy Editing, Line Editing and Proofreading services. I also undertake alpha and beta reading projects.

Manuscript Analysis

I provide a range of analytical services for gauging the flaws and readability of the book such as manuscript critique, editorial analysis, developmental analysis, script evaluation, and book adaptability analysis.

Script Writing & Editing

I provide screenplays and script writing services along with editing services, both structural editing and developmental editing, for already-written scripts and screenplays. I also provide Script analysis & screen adaptability evaluation to those writers who want a second opinion on their scripts.

Proposal Writing

I provide proposal writing services for both, books as well as films. Book Proposals (that are to be sent to the publishers) and Film Proposals (that are to be sent to the studio houses and directors/acquisitions managers) are different from each other and hence treated separately.

Manuscript Completion Counselling

If you’re stuck in your manuscript or story at any point and need help figuring out a way ahead, then I provide counselling/consultation in which I will guide you in completing your story.
I also provide counselling/consultations for publishing and book marketing-related issues.

Creative Writing Coaching

I am a Creative Writing (Fiction & Non-Fiction) coach and provide personal writing coaching sessions as per your need, requirement and story (in case you are already working on one.) I take weekly and bi-weekly sessions of 2 hours each in this service and cover topics that are mutually decided before beginning the sessions with the client/writer.

What people are saying

Heena is one of the finest editors we’ve worked with; she is thorough, relentless and highly driven. Her command over English language and wide experience in English literature brings a lot to the table. In spite of her wide knowledge and experience, she respects the vision of every writer, novice or experiences, that she works with. Her communication is fantastic and the results are simply par excellence!

— Director, Citrus Publishers

She is a brilliant editor and a wonderful person. I chose her for my book’s developmental & substantive editing. Heena helped me to develop my story and with her guidance, I was able to overcome all the loopholes in my story. She not only edits well but also guides with her whole heart. She is sincere, honest, a good listener and an excellent guide. I strongly recommend her.

— Priyanka S Ranadive, PhD in Museology & Archeology (author of Little Netra children’s book series,)

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