Award-Winning Novelist,

Literary Editor

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With 8+ years of experience in creative writing, English Literature and editing and backed by courses from prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale, Heena Rathore-Pardeshi is one of the most sought-after editors in India and is presently writing screenplays, turning books into script, for American studios and media houses.


Heena Rathore P. aka Crazy Cat Writer

An award-winning author (English language), Heena Rathore-Pardeshi is a literary editor and manuscript critic who has worked with many authors from India and abroad, including authors from the US, UK, Europe, and Caribbean countries and the Scandinavian Countries. She has a degree in English Literature and has acquired certifications (with honours) from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (in Ancient & Modern World Literature), Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (in Human Psychology) and University Of Queensland, Australia (in English Grammar and Style.)

She is presently working as a freelance screenplay writer with an American media company while undertaking manuscript (both fiction & non-fiction) and screenplay editing projects. She brings her keen sense of storytelling, expertise in the craft of narrative structure and wide experience of having studied stories her entire life to the table, helping authors and writers successfully translate their vision of the stories onto the page.

In her free time, she reads over a hundred books a year, runs a book club on Goodreads, RMFAO, and spends time with her seven rescued cats.


Heena R. Pardeshi writes several articles on reading and writing, providing her readers and students with a plethora of resources to find not only knowledge and correct information but also for inspiration through her own writing pieces.
She also shares her lectures here, as well as on her YouTube channel.


Heena R. Pardeshi offers a wide range of literary assessment and editing services, including but not limited to developmental editing, substantive editing, line & copyediting, proofreading, editorial assessment of fiction & non-fiction books. She also offers screenplay editing & writing, treatment & proposal writing, editing and assessment.


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