Rediscovering My Love of Drawing

My love for drawing started when I was a year old. I started by scribbling on the walls and floors. As I grew I started to use drawing books, pencils, crayons, sketch pens and then finally brushes and paints. By the time I was in 5th grade, everyone used to think I’ll also be an artist like my real aunt. But as time passed studies took over the creative side of me. But still I used to draw as and when possible. I never took any classes or tuitions for it, but I drew cause I loved to.

Then years passed and at the age of 16, sadly my parents got divorced. Well for me that was the end of a lot of things I loved, drawing and sketching being one of them. I started hating drawing (may be because it was somehow related to my dad and as I was with my mom and step-father, missing him was out of question). It wasn’t like I never gave it a try, I did but my drawing started to look horrible! And I hated it.

Well after 4 years of burring myself into science and engineering books, I married the only person I loved and the only one who understood me completely, Vishal.

After our marriage Vishal asked me to start thinking  about what makes me happy and start doing it. I thought a lot but frankly I wasn’t able to find anything, because with my parent’s divorce somewhere I got lost in a weird kind of world where I just won’t think of being positive and happy.

Slowly slowly I don’t know how, Vishal was able to pull me out of that stupid world of mine with his love and immense understanding. I realised that though I was getting decent grades in engineering, it was not I really wanna do. It was something my mom and step wanted me to, it was just that somewhere along the line I accepted it and thought I wanted to do the same.

Well after my realisation I dropped out of Electronics and Telecommunication Enginrering in the 3rd year and started to think about what I really-really loved. Then one day I saw a poster that said Advanced Dip. in 3D Animation Film Making. That really didn’t catch my attention, what did was the stuff they included, and it drawing and sketching. I spoke to Vishal and we went to enquire about the course. They told that they will teach drawing and sketching and everything from scratch. Something tickled my heart and I literally jumped in my seat to ask if I (who has never taken classes for drawing ever) can learn this art. And they said the much needed Yes.

And that was the beginning of my love affair with pencil and drawing book. Honestly I was extremely nervous because I never saw any art class in my life. We had a boring setup for graphic designing classes in my Engineering college, but when I went in the Reliance Aims’s class, it was full of life and full of art-works. I was very nervous because I left drawing a long time back and as such I never took classes, I stared doubting my skills now, my heart was coming in my heart thinking that what if the drawing teacher says that I am not good enough to learn drawing, that my hand is really bad at this and that I can never be an artist. I really can’t express what I was feeling that time, but I can tell that I was just about ready to run away from the college and go back home.

I was thinking about getting out and suddenly Sir calls me. I was just about to  faint but then I remembered Vishal’s smiling face and got a hold of myself. I spoke to Sir and he gave me an assignment of drawing lines: left-right, right-left, up-down, down-up. 10 pages of each, making it a total of 40 pages of my A3 rough workbook.

I did it and it came out pretty neat!

Well that’s was how I succeed in”Rediscovering My Love of Drawing”.

8 responses to “Rediscovering My Love of Drawing”

  1. Interesting from a rational and rigid discipline to a creative open art is indeed exciting! Many good wishes Heena in your love for drawing 🙂


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