Earth Day

I checked out fb in the morning and realised that yesterday was Earth Day. I want to confess that I really didn’t know that it was this month. Well, now that I know when it was, I really feel that I owe our mother Earth this post (atleast)!

Source: Google Images

I am thinking of celebrating it today. I love the idea of “days”, it really gives a reason to celebrate your liking or love for something. I was planning to get some cute ceramic pots for my plants and also a new plant or two. I have been postponing it for quite sometime now because of other commitments. But today seems to be a perfect day to do it. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than planting some plants and grooming the old ones! I am super-thrilled as it’s really making me feel good.

Source: Google Images

Also I am on a 2-week strict veg diet as I am planning to go vegetarian. I don’t know exactly how, but I have a very strong feeling that in some or the other way I am contributing to something good for the environment and the eco-system. And that is exactly what keeps me motivated whenever I crave flesh. I think that I am helping out atleast 1 chicken to live his life freely 🙂

There are a lot of small things that we can do to contribute in preventing the environment. Some of the things that I do from my side to protect the mother earth are:

  1. Avoiding the use of lights in daytime and using sunlight wherever possible.
  2. Throwing garbage in the dustbins only.
  3. Trying not to waste water, paper or food.
  4. Planting trees.
  5. No smoking.
  6. Keeping the volume of my music system low (okay, not always but I try to!)

And some more that I really can’t remember right now. In short I really believe that if we play our part as an individual responsibly then we can help mother nature in a very big and effective way!

Happy Earth Day 🙂

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