The Right Decision

Hi guys!

I haven’t been active from past 10 days as I was down with fever and allergic cough. Vishal is still recovering from the viral he caught, and so am I 😐

The last 2 weeks of illness have given me enough time to rethink about what I really wanna do and more importantly how I’m gonna do it. From last 2 months I was trying to find BA in English course in Switzerland but it seems there are only 2-3 colleges that have English as a medium of communication and none that has a course that I’m looking for! So finally I’ve decided to complete my degree in Pune, India only.

In the last week I collected all the information I needed to make up my mind and guess what, I’ll get to learn German as well for 3 years in the course that Pune University offers. I really can’t ask for anything more. They have a decent syllabus and the University is internationally recognised. Hopefully I’ll try and get admission by the end of this month for FYBA this year itself.

I’m really, really excited and at the same time extremely nervous as I’ll be going to college after 4 years. Vishal is such a sweetheart and is immensely supportive. Even he thinks I need time to sort out my carrier and life before shifting to Europe.

My intuition is giving me a very clear thumbs up, so I guess I’ll be going ahead with this decision 🙂

22 responses to “The Right Decision”

  1. Good to hear you’re feeling better. I hope you both are back to normal soon. Also awesome news as far as college goes. Sounds like you have some good times a head of you.

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  2. It sounds very exciting, and it’s even better that you have someone who is supporting your choice. I hope that you’re feeling better!

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  3. Oh wow! Congratulations and the best of luck to you 🙂 I’m in a very similar situation now – I’m going to quit my job and become a teacher, so back to uni next year! Good luck to the both of us students.

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