5 Tips To Write Great Sentences

Everyone wants to write great prose, but most fo the times they ignore the very thing that makes up the prose itself – sentences!

In order to write great prose, you need to be able to write great sentences and in order to write great sentences, first you need to know what kind of sentences are there. Read this article to first learn about the 3 Types Of Sentences That All Fiction Writers Must Know.

Once you know the 3 basic types of sentences, move on and read the following tips on writing great sentences for fiction and other creative works.

5 Tips For Writers To Write Great Sentences

1. Express an idea in every sentence

You sentence should be meaningful. It should express, question, inform, or explain something. If it doesn’t do any of these things, then reconsider cutting it out all together. Every sentence needs to make sense and should be relevant in writing.

2. Vary sentence pattern and lengths

Use different lengths, approaches, techniques to make a point by repetition, but make sure not to make it too obvious. Readers hate monotony, so keep your readers entertained by mixing up different kinds of sentences and providing a healthy dose of variety.

3. Use strong verbs

This will eliminate the need to use unnecessary adverbs and adjectives in the sentences giving you cleaner and sharper sentences.

4. Combine sentences

Try and combine sentences to add variety to your prose. Don’t just use a single kind of sentences, try the different kind of them and in different ways, using varying verbs, conjugation, structures, etc.

5. Avoid Passive Voice and make use of Active Voice

This will also make your readers feel a part of your story rather than feeling out of the loop. Passive voice is boring and starts to go stale too fast, so use active voice in order to engage your readers.

I hope this helps you in writing better sentences, and as a result, better prose.

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